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Friday, October 23, 2009

Entry conditions for the 2010 Ballycotton 10 race...
Ballycotton Running Promotions have just announced the entry conditions for the 2010 Ballycotton 10 mile road race on the 21st of March next year. It looks like there are no major suprises with similiar entry conditions to last year. I guess the biggest change has been the fact that non-club runners will have to have run all 4 of the 5 mile races in the Ballycotton Summer Series to avail of the 2 week entry window. In previous years, they only had to do one of the 4. This change however was mentioned before back in May before the Summers Series started.

What the entry conditions mean........If you qualify for the 2 week window as outlined in 5 a)b) and c) below, then you have no probem. Just get your form and make sure you post it within the 2 week window.

If however, you do NOT qualify for the 2 week window (...and are not overseas or elite), then it basically means that you must get your hands on an entry form on Monday evening, the 30th of November or on Tuesday morning, the 1st of December. You MUST post it by Tuesday evening at the latest. If you go for the SAE option and you can post it on Monday evening then your chances of getting in are a lot higher. If you wait until Wednesday to post your entry then it's probably too late. And if you are thinking.....'Sure, I'll do it next weekend'.........Yeah, right!........See you in 2011 ;o)

The entry procedure for the 2010 race (to take place on Sunday March 21st) is as follows:
1) People can apply for forms anytime during November (up to Friday 27th) by sending a SAE to: Ballycotton Running Promotions, Ballycotton, Co Cork (see note below).
2) All forms will then be posted out on the weekend of Friday Nov 27th/Sunday Nov 29th - ideally to arrive with applicants by the following Monday or Tuesday.
3) The entry form will be put up on the website on Monday evening (Nov 30th), also in John Buckley Sports (Cork), Ger Wyley Sports (Dungarvan) and local shops in Ballycotton and Shanagarry that same afternoon.
4) The first 2,500 postal entries opened will be automatically accepted – regardless of who they are.
5) Entries for the following will be accepted by post up to and including Tuesday December 15th:
(a) All bona fide AAI (Athletics Ireland) registered club members.
(b) All runners who completed the 2009 Ballycotton Summer Road Race Series (all four 5-mile events).
(c) All those who were entered but were unable to run the 2009 race AND returned their ChampionChip.
6) All bona fide overseas entrants accepted by post up and including Friday January 8th.
7) As usual, a limited number of elite athletes will be accepted up to near race day.
REMEMBER - When applying for forms, please enclose a large (A4) SAE with the correct postage, stating the number of forms required. If more than one form is going to the same address (two or three members of the same family, etc) one envelope is sufficient.
If the correct postage is not on the envelope we cannot be held responsible for postal delays. Also, we prefer people to enter on the official form, so ask for enough of forms – there is no need to photo-copy.

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