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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weather forecast for the Dublin City Marathon....Mon 26th Oct 2009
No doubt, many runners from Cork and Munster will be heading to Dublin today and tomorrow for the Dublin City Marathon on Monday. The weather forecast is looking pretty good at the moment with low pressure systems passing over the country on Sunday and late on Monday but it looks likely that we will miss the worst of it on Monday.

Met Eireann forcast the following........."Dry for part at least of the day - dry throughout in many or all areas, but rain approaching from the Atlantic may reach the south and west before the end of the day. Variable cloud cover, sunshine at times. Lighter winds as well, variable or southeast in direction. Highs 12 to 15 C."

So overall, it looks as if it might be clear on Sunday night/early Monday morning so it may well be cold (7-8 deg?) before the Marathon starts. It looks likely that there will be hardly any wind so that shouldn't be a factor during the event. It may well be a sunny day so if the sun comes out, it might actually be too warm!...especially from 11am onwards. It seems that rain is unlikely. Fingers crossed, it looks pretty good for Monday :o)

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