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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Races this weekend...Sun 11th Oct...Just a reminder for anyone not doing the cross country race in Killeagh on Sunday, there are 2 other events on Sunday. In Dungarvan, West Waterford, there is a cross country race which is open to club and non-club runners alike. In Kerry, there is a 5 km road race in Killarney. More details on the Running in Munster website.


Anonymous said...

Make the cross country events open to all and we can register on the day otherwise numbers will continue to decline it's so easy and convienent to enter a road race.
A thought for the XC organizers.

Anonymous said...

Just register with a club and do some proper training. Cross country courses would be dangerous if you had 300 10 minute milers tooling round littering the place with vast amounts of water bottles and gels while running 6km. Its not hard to join a club. Running should be a team sport.

Anonymous said...

In ref to comment 2 well no wonder XC is in decline with a comment like that,could you make it any clearer to slower runners that the XC is not for them.You should not have to be with a club to enter,you can do proper training without been in a club,and running should not be just a team sport it's a sport for all and i doubt very much if you would get 300+ as cross country is not as popular or will ever be as popular as a road race.

Anonymous said...

With reference to comments one and three a little research might help informed comment. How many turn up to the BHAA annual country where you do not have to be in a club and can register on the day ?? The reality is that most of the "designer runners" are afraid to get their Aldi or Lidl gear dirty.

John Quigley said...

I burst my sides laughing at comment no 2, who displays the type of sublety that I'm often guilty of, however I disagree fundamentally with the contents.

I equally disagree with those of Nos 1 and 3.

1. The AAI Cross-Country Championships are AAI Championships - they are NOT open Championships. Only registered AAI members count, either for individual or team medals.

2. Entries have to be in before the day, primarily because there are so many races. Today we had the County Novice and U-23 championships, with separate races for men and women. There was also a pletora of boys and girls under-age races two. Starting at 12 noon and continuing until whatever time they finish. There just is not scope for taking entries on the day.

3. Todays races were among the best attended and most competitive and, while numbers will NEVER come close to those in even a low key road race, participation is healthy and has been increasing for the past few years.

4. There is an implied suggestion, from No 2, that slower runners aren't welcome. The reality is far from the truth and, personally speaking, I would welcome more 'slower runners' - it gets lonely back where I place in most XCs! Today I had the pleasure of battling my way round the course against several other M50+ and even M60 competitors - running against U-23s!!!!

5. I would agree with No 2 that its not hard to join a club and team events are great. You can find links to Cork AAI clubs that are on the web here:

6. XC is different, it can be harder and/or faster than the road, but I find it's great fun and very satisfying. I recommend it to everyone!

7. The Co Intermediate and Masters XC will be on in a few weeks, on Nov 15th. Why not join a club before then and see what XC is like. If not, come and watch - see what you're missing. The Co Senior XC is in Bandon on Nov 1st. I'm sure John D will be posting details for both nearer the dates.

Anonymous said...

not to mention getting their headphones muddy :-)