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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'John Buckley Sports' 5 km Road Race - Thurs 19th June (8pm)
This is one of the most popular races on the Cork road race calendar and if the weather is kind, it should attract well over 400 runners. It is also one of the most central in that it is only a short distance from the city centre and yet it is run on mostly quiet roads.

Registration...The event centre for this race is in the Lee Rowing Club building on the Marina. This is located just alongside the Pairc Ui Chaoimh GAA stadium. There is plenty of parking in the area....outside the club house, along the quayside or outside the GAA stadium. See map below. Considering that the number of entries will be high, it might be no harm to get there early. There is also a concert at the Marquee which is nearby and this is bound to mean that the local traffic will be heavy.

Cost...As usual for BHAA events, it is €5 for registered runners and €7 for non-registered. There will be 2 queues...just make sure you get into the correct one.

Course...This is probably the flatest and fastest 5 km course in Cork. The start is on the Centre Park Road, about half a mile from the club house. With so many people running, the start will probably be a bit squashed but the road is wide enough that the field will soon thin out. Just one word of warning here...a lot of heavy vehicles use this road and the surface is a bit rough in places. It's not so easy to see what is up ahead when the field is bunched.

So, from the start, you run towards the city centre, left at the roundabout and onto the Monaghan Road. The 1 mile mark is half way down this road. For the 2nd mile, you go left at the next juction, back onto the Centre Park Road, past the start point and on to the 2 mile mark. For the 3 mile, you just retrace your footsteps as you repeat the same route except at the end when you approach the Centre Park Road again, you turn right instead of left. Here, you enter a tunnel of Green foliage as the mature trees on both sides of the road block out the light. Along here, you pass the 3 mile mark and the finish is about 150 metres later.

Overall.....Dead flat and as fast a 5 km course as you can get. If you want to try for a personal best, this is the place to try for it.

If you want to have a closer look at the course or get your bearings, I have put the route up on the MapMyRun website.

"John, just to leave you know that there is a concert on Thursday night in the Marquee, so traffic will be heavy in the area. People would be advised to arrive early for the 5k......Terry H."
"Thanks Terry......John Desmond"
"Ah the concert is only Shane Ward!!! Traffic shouln't be that bad ;0) ...........Dave L"


Anonymous said...


just to leave you know that there is a concert on thursday night in the Marquee,so traffic will be heavy in the area.People would be advised to arrive early for the 5k.terry h.

Anonymous said...

Ah the concert is only Shane Ward!!! Traffic shouln't be that bad ;) Dave L

Anonymous said...

Who is Shane Ward?
Any idea on the numbers there last night? Twas a massive crowd. Couldnt even get a hang-sangich after, the queue was out the door.