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Friday, June 20, 2008

Results of the Cork BHAA 'John Buckley Sports' 5km race - 19th June 2008
A record crowd of around 490 turned out for this very popular race near the centre of Cork City. There was a bit of a delay with it starting due to a certain Shayne Ward playing alongside in the Marquee. I know...Shanye Who?? Guess you need to be a certain age....(under 14 ;o)

Results... (Updated Thurs 3rd July)
The results are now up on the Cork BHAA website. The link is HERE.

In the meantime, here are the category results...
1 A O’Shea (HSE) 14:55; 2 S Turea (AIBP) 15:15; 3 C Murphy (temp-reg) 15:31; 4 E Heffernan (Heffernan Plastering) 15:46; 5 D O’Callaghan (HSE) 15:47; 6 C O’Donovan (O’Donovan) 15:50; 7 T O’Connor (JF Supple) 16:02; 8 J Grufferty (Bio Pharma) 16:04; 9 T Kelleher (CSO) 16:09; 10 E Murphy (Duhallow Enterprises) 16:12.

M40: 1 T Laffan (HSE) 16:39; 2 N Curtin (Quality Hotel) 16:54; 3 V Neumerzhitskiy (AIBP) 17:12.
M45: 1 T Shanahan (Kerry Foods) 17:29; 2 D Carroll (Blarney Woolen Mills) 18:21; 3 E O’Sullivan (Midleton UDC) 19:31.
M50: 1 E McEvoy (Dept of Educ) 17:07; 2 P Murphy (UCC) 18:15; 3 W Hayes (An Post/Eircom) 18:45.
M55: 1 J Gough (Milleveen Fine Foods) 17:35; 2 T Twomey (D Twomey & Co) 18:55.
M60: 1 L O’Leary (Cork City Co) 19:35.
M65: 1 J O’Leary (Bookdeal) 23:06.
Team: (Grade A) AIBP 46; 2 UCC 69; 3 EMC 131. (Grade B) 1 An Post/Eircom 97; 2 Phoenix Clinic 149; 3 HSE 153. (Grade C) 1 Midleton UDC 164; 2 Midleton News 183; 3 Dept of Educ 189.
Women: 1 S O’Doherty (temp-reg) 17:19; 2 R Lynch (GE Healthcare) 17:37; 3 L Cavanagh (School Completion Prog, F35) 17:41; 4 N Roe (Dept of Educ) 17:48; 5 O Ryan (temp-reg) 17:54; 6 H Leonard (Child Care, F35) 17:56; 7 C Parnell (Parnell, F50) 18:07; 8 J Vonhatten (Glanmire Pharmacy) 18:23; 9 A-M Holland (Travel Ire) 18:33; 10 A-M Healy (HSE, F35) 18:36.
Team: (Grade A) HSE ‘A’ 18; 2 UCC 37; 3 HSE ‘B’ 43. (Grade B) 1 EMC 53; 2 BoI 68; 3 HSE 88.

My Comment...
I know that some people have left comments here on this blog about how slow the BHAA results are. Under the current system, the results are generated on a manual basis and then someone has to enter all of the data into a computer. It is a very time consuming process. Someone mentioned before about why they released the category prizewinners before the main results. That's because it is easy for someone to pick out a few individuals and type that out. It's something else to enter the details of 400 to 500 runners into a PC. It's obvious that the Cork BHAA will have to go to a computerised entry system eventually but that is for them to decide. In the meantime, just remember that all of the excellent work that the Cork BHAA do is on a voluntary basis and without them, we would have a lot fewer races.
During the prize giving after the race, the chairman of the Cork BHAA Mick Dooley, mentioned that they were looking for more volunteers to help out. They only have a limited number of people at present and with the big numbers, they badly need more help. So, if you think you can help and would like to give something back to the sport, why not send an e-mail to me and I'll forward on your details to Mick. My e-mail address is shown on the right hand column of this page..............John Desmond.

"Who is Shane Ward?Any idea on the numbers there last night? Twas a massive crowd. Couldnt even get a hang-sangich after, the queue was out the door.....Anonymous"
"Hi, Shane Ward was GREAT and there was 4,000 on their feet.....Anonymous 14 year old"
"Hi John, just wondering do you have any more info on this 10k run in Courtmacsherry?I havn't seen any fliers or heard anything about it anywhere.....Anonymous"
"I sent them an e-mail but got nothing back. I'll put up the limited info I have on the website on Friday morning after the Shanagarry race.........John Desmond"
"I just recieved some more info so I'll post whatever I have on this website on Friday morning.....John Desmond"


Anonymous said...

Hi Shane Ward was GREAT and there was 4,000 on there feet.

Anonymous said...

Hi john,Just wondering do you have any more info on this 10k run in courtmacsherry?I havint seen any fliers or heard anything about it anywhere.