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Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Week...Another website...
When you look on the web at the various races around Ireland, you can see that there is a very wide choice of the shorter races (5km to 10km) on offer while there is a lot fewer of the longer races (10 miles to Marathon distance). Looking through the various results, it's also obvious that most people will not travel any substantial distance to do a short race. The long races are different however. A lot more people are willing to travel and are willing to train especially for that one event.

With this in mind, I started compiling a list of long races in Ireland which I thought people might be interested in. My original idea was to put it up on this blog as a post. But as per usual with my ideas, it grew legs ;o) and evolved into a seperate website!

So, another new website.......the Running in Ireland blog. It really is not going to be anything like this blog or even the Running in Munster blog. I plan to keep it simple and just keep an updated list of the long distance races in Ireland there with all of the relevant links to the various websites for these events.
Hope you find it useful......

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