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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Cork City Council go with 'Widen the existing Greenway' option in Rochestown


Back in February of 2021, I had a post up about improvements to the Greenway at Rochestown in the suburbs of Cork City. See post HERE. The pubic consultation included two options for moving the Greenway next to water and away from traffic.

The consultation got a large number of submissions and they roughly split 50:50 with walkers, runners and cyclists supporting the waterside route and local residents & environmentalists objecting.

At a recent meeting, Cork City Councilors were briefed on the preferred option by engineers and they indicated that they were going for the easy 'Option 3' which was for just widening the existing Greenway.

From Cllr Kieran McCarthy...

Elected members of Cork City Council were briefed yesterday evening on the Emerging Preferred Route (EPR) for the Passage Railway Greenway Phase 2, with a view to the next public consultation taking place from mid-May.

A number of possible routes were identified to enhance the section of Greenway along the Rochestown Road. A major upgrade of the existing route has been identified as the Emerging Preferred Route. The upgrade will include:

- Narrowing of the traffic lanes aimed at reducing traffic speed;

- The road will also be realigned to create additional space for the greenway;

- The enhanced greenway will be segregated from traffic through the introduction of a high quality landscaped strip between the greenway and the vehicle lanes. 

- The initial public consultation identified other issues for consideration such as the widening the greenway, signage, protection of the Cork Harbour Special Protection Area, native tree planting, pollinator friendly planting and other factors to be addressed as the design for the project progresses. A number of suggestions to support cycling will also be brought forward including bike repair stands and bike storage facilities.

 The project team identified the possible impact on the adjoining Special Protection Area as well as security and privacy concerns as some of the main reasons why the coastal routes behind Island View and St Gerard’s Place were not brought forward.

This means the upgraded Greenway will remain alongside the busy road. Cllr McCarthy's statement also doesn't clarify what will be done to stop local residents using the improved Greenway as a parking area like they do at present.

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Kevin Gilleece said...

You mean the footpath that residents all park on is actually the current greenway? Hard to believe that theres space there for planting as well as an upgraded path for walking and cycling.