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Monday, April 12, 2021

Top Irish racewalker Kate Veale wins 5k race in the Czech Republic


Despite the obvious challenges, some of Ireland's top international athletes are still training hard and taking part in select events. Kate Veale from Waterford is one of the top female Irish race walkers and she finished first in a 5k race in the Czech Republic over the weekend.

Kate's winning time was 23m 13s which is about 7:30/mile pace. Remember that this is race walking and not running!

The 5k race was at the 55th annual Olomouc race walking Czech national championships.

1 Kate Veale Ireland 23.13
2 Anett Torma Hungary 25.19
3 Adéla Veselková Sports Athletic Club (SAK) Rumburk 25:19
4 Adéla Pittnerová SK PAVIL 26:24
5 Alžběta Franklová SK 26:32
6 Katka Nedvídková AC Rumburk PB 26:47
7 Stepanka Pohlova Kucerova TJ Sokol Hradec SB 27:02
8 Anna Horáková AC Rumburk 28:23
9 Nina Poštová  28:23 
10 Bibiána Jančová 28:29:00
(Top 10)

Kate who now heads to altitude for a couple of weeks training.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Kate, great to see our top athletes competing. It's also refreshing to see a good news story about athletics, that actually reports on the event and not give a personal view about athletes. Some of the language used on another platform by a Cork so called webmaster, has been hard to read.