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Thursday, April 01, 2021

Guest Post: Do More!! Pat Walsh

 ** Do More....!! **

In light of the ridiculous comment from NPHET last week I have decided to use the catchphrase to grab your attention. “We need to do more”, they said. How much more can we give when we have done nothing, ran inside our 5k and no group runs. 

A college education can be a dangerous thing without an element of common sense, cop-on and a bit of empathy. Talking down to people without giving specific advice and a coherent plan is a waste of time.

So I encourage you now to “do more or do the best you can” 😍

I hope many of you did the 10mile or 10K for St Patrick Day and maybe for the next few weeks we can drive on to a new level.

I am using the 5 weeks to the Bank Holiday in May to increase our mileage slowly. Again there is no element of speed in this, just getting to a new level by then. 

So if you want to go from 10 mile to a Half-marathon. Plan1 πŸ“œ

Or go from a 10K to a 10mile/16K run. Plan 2 πŸ“œ

This will give a huge foundation to our stamina levels and all going well we can fine tune during the month of May to go for a Quality 10ml or Half for the June Weekend. Get the distance now and we find a bit of speed in May.

You might even feel like entering Virtual Race and I know of Cork and Waterford both happening in June.

3 runs per week is enough for this plan but if you have time, energy and enthusiasm then the 4th run of the week is optional.

There is nothing drastic in these plans and midweek stays much the same and all you are doing is lengthening the Weekly Long run. You can do this and will be glad you have tried.

If you feel you want to do some speed work then incorporate it into one of your midweek runs. Run a KM or 2 and then speed up for a few Km’s and then slow down for the end. 

Your pace should be somewhere near a desired pace for your race and give you a chance to get used to this level of effort.

Why do this?  Why not
Clocks west to Summer time last Sunday and longer brighter evenings should lift our spirits and our mood.

There may be an increase in training groups ( I Hope ) and distance to travel and that will help.
On a serious note and one not being promoted enough.

The healthier, fitter, stronger you are especially with regards to lungs and aerobic fitness, then the better chance you have of staying healthy. There are no guarantees but try to stack the odds in your own favour.

Don’t beat yourself up with regards to how far or how fast, just get out there.

Any questions please ask. Stay safe, stay well and have a lovely weekend. Be kind and keep up the contacts. I love comments and messages.

🎀🎼"And we don't know how much longer
But we know we're gonna come back stronger
Oh, just 'cause things are different
Don't mean anything, anything has changed" Picture This

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