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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Weather 10-Day Trend: Fri 1st Jan 2021 to Sun 10th Jan 2021

Located as we are on the edge of the North Atlantic, the Jet Stream above us plays a huge part in what type of weather we get. When the Jet Stream is strong and going in a straight line from West to East, it brings in a succession of low pressure weather systems from the North Atlantic.

At the moment however, it is twisting and looping which allows high pressure weather systems to dominate our weather.

Friday 1st of January 2021... The weather chart above for New Year's Day shows a high pressure system out in the Atlantic and this is dominating the weather for the next few days.

As the arrow shows, it is bringing Arctic air down from the North which is going to keep things bitterly cold. As the pressure is high, it is going to mean that rain is unlikely. With the air mass having to pass over the whole country before it gets to Cork, it will also likely mean that the moisture levels will be reduced and Cork may well see lots of sunshine.

This is likely to be the weather pattern for the rest of the weekend.

Monday 4th January 2021... By the time we get to Monday, the high pressure system will have gradually moved towards Scandinavia. This will mean that the winds will gradually change from the North to the East.

The important point here is the source of the air mass. This won't be like the 'Beast from the East' a few years ago when we have freezing cold air coming in from Siberia. This time around, the air is originating from around the Black Sea which is a milder region.

From about Monday until Thursday, it is likely to stay cold and dry. The long term forecast is for the weather to change at the end of the week but that is still a long way off.

Running Weather in Summary... The take home message is that it's going to good weather for running for the next week or so. Just wrap up well and make the most of it.

Just be careful of the roads and paths early in the morning as the temperature is likely to remain in low single figures and there will probably be a lot of frost and icy spots.

We have another 10-weeks to go until we get to mid-March and we put the winter weather behind us.

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