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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Guest Post: The Sun Always Rises... by Pat Walsh

 In this guest post, Pat Walsh looks forward to the new year and setting goals...


 ** The Sun always rises ** ☀πŸŽ…
Captured a beautiful sunrise in Cork Harbour earlier this week and it put me in a contemplative mood. Not much running happening at the moment and there is no point in me trying to whip you all into shape. Staying healthy and sane is the main priority.

Christmas Season 2020 is upon us with a few twists that we didn’t expect but we need to keep hope in our heart.

The first vaccination was rolled out this week and while it is a mammoth task to administer in sufficient quantities to restore normality, it is a least the first step and we must draw hope from it.

As someone who loves poetry I did have a smile and took great inspiration that the first man to get the vaccine was a gentleman named Will Shakespeare. (I am not joking).. Is this a needle I see before me? He was quoted as saying when asked how he felt "Much ado about nothing?"… "all's well that ends well". πŸ˜‚πŸ“œπŸ“œ

Next few weeks just get out and move. Walk, run, cycle but get out every day at some stage. Pure maintenance work to keep you in some shape to be ready to resume action in January.
You will feel better for it. Your mental health needs some fresh air as well.
Help out where you can and there are many charities needing assistance. The good work that these people do will stop soon for some groups, when the lack of much needed fundraising hinders their ability to function. Pick your favourite charity and do something for them this season.

We couldn’t see this time last year what was ahead of us so by the same token let us be hopeful of things turning around again quickly next Year. What race would you like to see back on the Calendar?
Start thinking about goals for next Year and let the thoughts develop for a while.
Write them down and maybe share them with a friend.
Become faster at shorter distances.
Pencil in a first Marathon or maybe an improvement on a previous time.
It will take time for things to return so you have a chance of taking a longer term view to these with a better chance of success.

So what can I offer and what can we do.
Maybe a 10mile race in mid to late February.
This gives 6 to 8 weeks into the New Year to get ready and prepare.
We have done 10 mile challenges before and why not again. I do know of some clubs planning an in-house 10 mile round that time.

In the meantime just keep moving, keep fit and be ready to up the ante and bit more training in the New Year. Hard to go to 10 miles from nothing in 6 weeks so just get 2 or 3 runs per week at the moment.
Keep moving and getting the miles done and I can post some detailed weekly plans starting in the New Year. By the time this 10mile is over we might all be in a better place or have some idea what is ahead of us. πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ
🎼🎀 Freeze frame, pause, rewind, stop
And get back to the older familiar thoughts
Can we just freeze, frame, pause, rewind, stop
And get back to the feelings we think we lost.   #ILovePink
#pwr #bekind #UpTheDeise
.... A special treat ... #hope This is fantastic

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