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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Guest Post: The Year is nearly over... by Pat Walsh

🎅🎅 The Year is nearly over. 🎅🎅
I write this week, on my last official post of the year, as next Friday is Christmas day and you have better things to be doing with your time. I am hoping to run the Virtual GOAL mile on the day and make room for some food and refreshments later.
No running inspiration here this week, just a few personal words.
Thanks to everyone for your support this year. Not sure now what my intentions were for the year, but like everyone they were blown off course and it became a survival battle for many.

No races and lack of social contact was hard to take for a ‘social butterfly’ like myself, who loves meeting and mingling with people. But that was the Year and what we all had to do.
I am a runner and I survived, I managed to keep running even with smaller groups and actually got stronger on my own than I thought I could. I ran a Marathon and a few other smaller events that kept me going.
The real tragedy of the year was those who lost loved ones and who could not have friends and family to help them grieve in their time of need. I also think of those sick and vulnerable groups who spent much time in isolation and had little human or physical contact to console them.
Families and friends have found it difficult to meet and that can be hard.
Please God 2021 will be better for you all and may nobody have to go through another year like this.

Earlier this year we thanked all the Frontline workers who kept the show on the road. You all still deserve our support, thanks and praise.  Hopefully people will keep your sacrifice in mind in the next few weeks and do nothing to undermine all our efforts.

Thanks to everyone who ever gave a like, commented or sent a message to my page. I do love it and it is the one thing that keeps me going.  Like you all, I found it difficult at times and only for your support it would be hard to keep going. I am not selling anything, only writing the thoughts that are in my head and they help me to make some sense of it. Putting it on paper and attempting to be positive helped me to cope with the situation. If I dragged a few of you along with me, then that is super, as most runners share the same worries, issues and anxieties so it is normal that we were on the same page many times.

2021 offers hope of return to some sense of new normality and in a few months we should be free to start planning our running again. In the meantime, please be careful and kind, support those around you, remain positive if engaging on social media and have a lovely Christmas. There is light and hope ahead so focus on that.

It won’t be easy for everyone. It will be difficult and different for most, so please remember to reach out. Send messages and keep in touch. Due to restrictions many will have empty seats at a table (myself included) so a kind message could make a huge difference to someone.

I will post some light-hearted and funny when I can over the Holiday and drive on again in the New Year. Don’t be afraid to send some holiday running photos, I love them.
Try to get out and keep yourself active for the next 2 weeks, it will help your overall well-being. I am here if anyone needs to chat anytime.
Thanks for support, love and friendship to my own crew in #pwr. You are special people to me. We all had our moments this year...!! 

 ðŸŒ²    Nollaig Shona daoibh go léir 🌲

I did my best, it wasn't much
I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch
I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool ya
And even though all went wrong
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah..
#PWR #BeKind #HappyChristmas 🎅 

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Great stuff Pat.Thanks for all the great articles.