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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Latest update on the Haulbowline Island works

Update 3rd March: This video below about the transformation of Haulbowline Island was put up on YouTube a few weeks back. As can be seen from the screenshot above taken in December, the island is beginning to turn Green as the grass grows and a substantial number of trees have been planted.

The provisional plan is to open in May of 2019.

Cork County Council recently released a video about the remediation works on Haulbowline Island in Cork harbour and it can be seen below.

While the photo above shows how a new layer of topsoil was placed on the site, the new video shows how it is beginning to turn slightly green as the grass begins to grow. By the time the Spring growth takes off in 2019, it should be more or less completely green with just the paths visible.

The Council have said that the new amenity will have a 2km trail which would include a distance marked 1 km loop to facilitate people being able to measure every 200m. It would also have two public toilets and car parking on site.

Update : The provisional date for opening is May 2019

More info about the project in this previous post.

News item from Cork County Council - 14th Dec 2018


Unknown said...

Would it be suitable for a parkrun?

Cian said...

Only a 1km loop on the outer loop and limited parking as far as i can see.

Frances Lynch said...

While it's great to see new public parks being opened it's a great pity that this park, which is surrounded by water on three sides, doesn't have a single water access point. This is despite some really well thought out submissions being made during the "consultation" period in the years before the development work began. These submissions were completely ignored. Cork County Council, Cork City Council and Failte Ireland regularly talk up the idea of developing Cork Harbour as a leisure tourism destination, great sound bites and glossy brochures but no joined up thinking. A missed opportunity.

Cian said...

Francis, the park is located directly next to a secure Naval Base. This would preclude any water access from that side. The water surrounding the park is extremely shallow and therfor the cost of providing a pier on that side would have been very expensive. There is however a new public jetty being constructed at Paddy Point at the beginning of Haulbowline Bridge, this is a short walk to the public park.