Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Info for the 2019 Mallow 10 mile road race - Sun 24th March

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Info for the 2019 Mallow 10 mile road race - Sun 24th March

The big race this weekend is of course the Mallow 10 mile on Sunday the 24th of March.

Weather forecast.....It looks as if Sunday should be dry day with some sunshine. The temperature should be around 10 deg C but that may feel much warmer in places.

There will be a light breeze from the North-West which is likely to keep things a bit cool, especially in exposed areas. On the course, it is likely to be a headwind from 2 to 4 miles. From 4 to 6.5 miles, it will be a headwind as well but there will be some shelter from the hills to the north.

The most significant impact is that it will be behind the runners in the last 3 miles so it won't have much of a cooling effect. It is likely to feel very warm along this stretch.

If you are racing then nothing more than a singlet or a short sleeve dry fit top is recommended. Anyone wearing too much will pay for it in the later stages. If you feel slightly cold at the start line then that is the right amount of clothing to wear.

Mallow tops......This is the dry fit top for this year.

I have just updated the race website with all the latest info.

Click HERE

Course preview.......You can see an updated preview HERE

Race website......There is more info about the race on the dedicated race website 

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