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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Results of the Crosshaven 10k & 5k - Sun 10th March 2019

There was a total of 352 finishers for this years Crosshaven 10k & 5k road race, a new record and up an impressive 28% on last year! As can be seen from the chart above, the previous peak was back in 2015.

1     O40     Jeremy O'DONOVAN (170)     00:34:55     00:34:55
2     SENIOR     Trevor CUMMINS (179)     00:36:05     00:36:04
3     O45     Wieslaw SOSNOWSKI (286)     00:36:18     00:36:17
1     O45     Gillian SOHUN (42)     00:44:48     00:44:46
2     SENIOR     Jane PETERS (189)     00:44:59     00:44:51
3     O45     Helen O'CALLAGHAN (198)     00:45:55     00:45:52

1     O45     Ed BYRNE (518)     00:19:30
2     SENIOR     James CONNOLLY (631)     00:19:34
3     SENIOR     David SHERIDAN (578)     00:19:56
1     O40     Rosaleen MACKEOWN (634)     00:20:00
2     O40     Linda O CONNOR (509)     00:21:09
3     O40     Maeve HURLEY (545)     00:23:13


1) Siobhan Russell has a gallery HERE


dequarefella said...

10k measured a bit long I think

Anonymous said...

Is it true the course could have measured long? And before I get the usual "GPS isn't accurate" comments I don't mean by GPS, more than one person has mentioned it.

Unknown said...

I had the same, 10.33km, but you know what, it was well organised, the stewards did a great job, all the kids seemed to enjoy themselves, the medal was a nice touch, i think most will get over it. Well done to the Crosshaven crew.

dequarefella said...

It seems to be a minimal requirement to get the race distance correct. After all it was an 'out and back' course so it's not like it's that difficult. I'll gladly trade the medal next year for a accurate course.....and some kind of signage showing where registration is.

Anonymous said...

I got 10.32km, we all can't be wrong, however a great morning. Everyone helping out did a great job. Will definitely be back next year.

Anonymous said...

The 1st thing that any race should make sure is correct is the distance. All these nice to haves are pointless when the course isn't accurate. Same thing with Kinsale. The worst thing is, people seem to think its ok and races will continue to be just thrown together to make money

Greg said...

I had 10.35. It's quite significant difference as for 10K. But for me the bad thing is I'm not even on finishers list.

Anonymous said...

Some of the results of the 10km race seem to be mis-categorised as 5km participants. Am querying with the organisers / time keepers.