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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Funding approved for Greenway in Glanmire

It was announced today that funding has now been approved for the development of a new Greenway in Glanmire.

While it is part of an overall package of measures to improve the road network in the area, the route of the Greenway can be seen above.

Note the following features and key points...

A greenway of length approx. 2km which will connect  Glanmire  Community  School and St  Joseph’s  National School  in  the  north  with Cólaiste an Phiarsigh in the south. It will also link residential developments with facilities and services  in  Riverstown  Village  and  Glanmire  Village.

The proposed greenway will typically be a 4m wide surfaced path. For sections where the greenway runs alongside a road it will typically be a 3m wide surfaced path where space permits.  The greenway is also required to cross the Glashaboy River four times along its length.

Given its proximity to both the Butlerstown and Glashaboy Rivers, the proposed greenway is located  within or  close  to the  1% AEP  fluvial  flood extents over  most  of  its  length. A greenway however is considered as Water-Compatible development as per ‘The Planning System  and  Flood Risk  Management – Guidelines  for  Planning’  and  therefore its construction within Flood Zone A is considered as appropriate. This does mean however that there may be occasions when the greenway cannot be safely used due to flooding. Due care should be taken in design to ensure that islands are not created which could potentially strand users should flood waters rise rapidly.

You can find detailed drawings and maps of the proposed route on the Cork County Council website.

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