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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Study shows 22% of Irish 9 year olds overweight

A new study called 'Growing up in Ireland' has found that 22% of Irish 9 year old are overweight. Furthermore, it was found that 5% were in the obese category.

Key stats...

1) 78% of nine-year-olds were not overweight; 17% were overweight and 5% were obese.

2) Girls were more likely than boys to be overweight/obese (23% vs. 21%);

3) 32% of children in the lowest income group were overweight or obese compared to 14% in the highest income group;

4) Only one-quarter of nine-year-olds reported being physically active for at least 60 minutes every single day — the World Health Organisation recommended level of activity for children;

5) The rate of meeting this recommended level is higher for boys than girls (28% vs. 22%);

6) 26% of those in the highest-income category were physically active on five to six days per week, compared to only 20% in the lowest-income category.

Full info in the Irish Examiner.

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Gearóid said...

It has nothing to do with exercise and all to do with eating processed and/or addictive food/rubbish. Give the child a fry in the morning and he won't touch anything for hours afterwards. That's how all of us were thin when I was young. Breakfast cereal is new and bad. Sugar is bad.