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Friday, November 09, 2018

Update on the 'Glen River parkrun' in Cork City...

Back in May of 2018, I had a post up about a new proposed 5k parkrun on the north side of Cork City.

Meetings were held, the level of support was assessed and now a core group of about 12-13 has been established. An event director has also been appointed for this new 5k parkrun.

The new event will also be formally called the "Glen River parkrun".

Update Thurs 23rd Oct 2018 : The word is that the new Glen River parkrun will be starting at on Saturday the 24th of November 2018. Subject to confirmation of course but the wheels are turning.

Update Fri 9th Nov 2018 : Thanks to the information supplied by John Kissane, I have put together a map of the new 5k course in the Glen in Cork City.

See the map below. The small loop with the Orange arrows is approx 1km. The larger loop with the Yellow arrows is approx 2kms.

The 5k course starts with the short 1km loop (orange) followed by two of the large 2km loops (yellow). You will pass the start/finish line area twice before finishing there.

The course has a small hill on the western most end... on the left of the map where you turn around. Obviously, this small hill has to be completed twice.

The whole area is very sheltered which will be good on windy days.

The new website for this new 5k parkrun is

Like all 5k parkruns, it will be on every Saturday morning at 9:30am and is completely free. I'm sure they will be looking for volunteers as well so if you can help out from time to time, let the organisers know. It's all pretty easy stuff and hundreds of people volunteer every week around the country.

More info as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

great to see!

John Kissane said...

From this week's parkrun newsletter:

New events:
24 November: Glen River parkrun
8 December: Deerpark parkrun, Carlanstown

Anonymous said...

how will parking be catered for? Dunnes stores, Lidl and a few garages are nearby by but parking is in short supply around there. nice spot for a run, tough route though

Unknown said...

Excellent great to see, i'm from West Cork but now live in London. Have done the other 6 Cork parkruns so must plan a trip home to do this one.
Brilliant to see parkrun taking off in Ireland although I don't think parkrun tourism has taken off just yet but with more parkruns starting up all the time im sure it will.