Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Cork Gardaí warn that road races must have strict management plans

Friday, November 30, 2018

Cork Gardaí warn that road races must have strict management plans

An Garda Síochana in Cork have announced that running events on public roads will need to have strict management plans in future. Failure to do so could see the event being cancelled.

Cork East TD Sean Sherlock raised the matter with Cork County's Joint Policing Committee and highlighted the number of running events being held.

In an article in the Evening Echo, he noted...“There have been some events, athletics events mainly, that have given rise to some challenges in terms of the public safety element where there are now some constraints from athletics clubs, especially in organising road races on public roads. In fairness to the Gardai, there has been a lot of engagement with individual clubs in terms of what milestones that need to be reached in order to hold the event. Clubs need a clear expectation of what their obligations are when they come to organising an event. Some of these events have been run for quite a number of years and there will be new events."

The full article can be seen on the Evening Echo website.

It looks likely that it will get harder and more expensive to organise roads races in the future as the roads get busier.


Gearóid said...

It would be brilliant if the races could be held on roads which were blocked from traffic for the event. This would necessitate having detours for traffic which weren't a pain for the motorists involved. A lot of thought would have to go into such a plan...

Maybe it can't be done.

Anonymous said...

I wonder will it affect the bhaa races during the year. i suppose we will have to wait and see what happens in 2019.

John Desmond said...

This will apply to all races and not just the BHAA ones. The ones on busy roads or in urban areas will probably be the first to be impacted.