Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Looking ahead to the 2018 Charleville Half-Marathon on Sunday

Friday, September 21, 2018

Looking ahead to the 2018 Charleville Half-Marathon on Sunday

Updated Sat 10am: With about 24 hours to go, the picture of what the weather will be like for the 2018 Charleville Half-Marathon on Sunday is becoming a lot clearer.

The rain that was forecast for Sunday morning will now arrive earlier and more to the South and should have cleared by 9am.

By late morning, there should be dry conditions with the sun making an appearance as well. It's very likely that the weather conditions for the race will improve as time goes on.

The forecast temperature is about 9 degrees so it will feel pretty cool.

The one big issue may be the wind. As you can see from the map below, it's a headwind for the first half and once you turn for home at the church in Kilmallock, it will be behind the runners for the second half.

The wind is moderate and may well be a factor. If the sun comes out in the second half, the wind from behind could make things feel pretty warm.

Overall, the forecast looks pretty good for now and it should be fine for the race.

As this weather front passes, it will will be replaced by a high pressure system which should bring a spell of dry fine weather for next week.

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Darren C. said...

Thanks John. We will keep our fingers crossed for reasonable weather conditions!