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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Local Councillor says €300k would open Tramore Valley Park...

In mid-September, I had a post up about how it was announced that €6 million would be needed to open the Tramore Valley Park in Cork City. 

The latest news is that Councillor Kieran McCarthy of Cork City Council has said that a limited opening could be achieved for €300,000. It was revealed in a meeting about the park that the €6 million figure included everything including a link across to the Black Ash Park & Ride and providing for large events. For €300,000, 400 car park places could be put in and the small events could be held.

Cllr Kieran McCarthy wrote...."#corkcc time ticks on again; Meeting on Tramore Valley Park reveals the need for an extra e300,000 to finish off the site just to host small scale activity with 400 car park spaces; e6m extra needed to create links from Park and Ride plus being able to host large scale events"

A 'small event' would obviously include the likes of a 5k parkrun on a Saturday morning so I guess there is a glimmer of hope although that obviously depends on whether €300,000 is forthcoming. If the City Council can't fund it then it may as well be €6 million.

There is perhaps the possibility of leasing out the park for commercial events but with only 400 car park spaces, that scope looks a bit limited.

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