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Friday, September 14, 2018

€6 Million now needed to open Tramore Valley Park...

A week ago, I had a post up about the opening of the Tramore Valley Park in Cork City was likely to be delayed until the Spring of 2019. This follows on from a long list of deferred opening dates.

In the Irish Examiner today, it was revealed that at least €6 million is now needed to provide 'full and safe access to the park'. Some €40 million has already been spent on transforming the old landfill site.

The main stumbling point now seems to be the significant engineering works required to allow easy access for cars to the site. In the Examiner article, it stated... "Various options have been considered, including the construction of an overpass and the widening an existing underground tunnel which links the Black Ash park-and-ride facility to the park. In the short-term, City Hall is working on a plan to improve the availability and accessibility of the amenity."

This new development is likely to have a significant impact on the timeline for the opening of the park. According to the Examiner article, the full opening is "at least a year down the line" and the reality is that it will likely be much longer. How long will it take to secure €6 million in funding? How long wil l the engineering works take? Will planning permission be required?

Up to now, the official line was that some staff were going to be employed to enable the Tramore Valley Park to open to the public. The new scenario however means that the opening realistically is now years away. 2025?

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