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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tralee Marathon numbers drop 27%

One of the big events in Munster last weekend was the Tralee Marathon in Co.Kerry. The numbers taking part in both the full marathon and the half-marathon were down 27% this year.

Just last month, the numbers for the Clonakilty Marathon were down as well. The full was down 30%, the half 20% and the 10k 37%. Perhaps the fact it was postponed from December was a factor but the entries had re-opened as well so that should have compensated somewhat for it.

Perhaps the biggest reason for a drop in both events is just the sheer number of races now on the calendar. For an event like Tralee that charges €50 for a half-marathon and €60 for a full marathon, there are just so many other races to choose from.

If the numbers continue to fall then it's possible that we will see a few races go to the wall over the next few years. The short distance ones will probably be fine with all the Couch to 5k beginners but there are only so many people out there who can run a full marathon or even a half-marathon. The longer distance races near  large population centres like Dublin, Cork, Limerick might be ok but what about the ones where most people have to travel to them? Can they all survive?


cathal daly running blog said...

I ran the Tralee marathon last year and while it had it's faults in terms of organisation and the mix up with t shirts and so on, as a course it was very good. However I think the organizers changed the course again this year and then 3 weeks ago changed the course again to the original course of 2 years ago. That sort of mix up probably didn't help. Clon's problems are well documented. A simple reason for the overall drop could be marathon runners who caught the bug 5/6 years ago could be drifting away due to age and the realization that it's pretty tough on the body so they more inclined to pick and choose.Just my 10 cents worth

anonymous said...

Having a marathon and more particularly a half marathon the week after the ballycotton 10 with its huge numbers of runners isn't the smartest move either!

Anonymous said...

Its very simple people have finally learned what is going on here. Its a money making event. All commercial events are, I keep asking the following question but I keep getting b#ll excuses.

Why is it that Ballycotton can run an event year in year out for a fraction of the entry fee that Tralee charges??.....simple answer to my question is as follows.
They organise Ballycotton and make little or nothing out of the event against a business/money making event that makes a massive profit. It gets money/support from Tralee chamber/ tourism Ireland etc... so very very little spent in terms of hard cash to organise the event.....but just count the cash at the end.....