Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Glanmire 4 mile road race - Wed 10th June 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Results of the Glanmire 4 mile road race - Wed 10th June 2015

There was a large turnout of 524 runners for this years Glanmire 4 mile road race on Wed 10th June 2015. That's up about 5% on the number last year.

What's probably more amazing is the fact that it was on at the same time as a Cork BHAA race in Carrigtwohill which is only about 7 miles away. It just goes to show the huge pool of runners out there locally to support these races.

1 Ryan Creech MO 19:51
2  Colin Merritt Carrignavar A.C. M40 20:27
3 Cian Murphy MO     21:09
23 Karina Murphy     F35 24:51
25 Deirdre Casey FO 24:58
29 Sharon Rynne FO 25:10

The provisional results can be seen HERE

1) Graham Nudds has a gallery HERE

The race was sponsored by Source Fitness who are based in Silversprings in Tivoli.

From the Sponsor....Source Health & Fitness is one of the largest fitness centres in Munster and possesses a vast array of facilities. We have classes & activities to suit each individual need and fitness level. Classes include; Spinning, Aqua, Zumba, Circuits, Bootcamp, Yoga, Pilates, Metafit, BLTP, Sculpt & Tone, Toning, Abs, Line Dancing.

We pride ourselves on having the experience required to deliver top class instruction on all aspects of fitness. We believe we have something for all fitness levels and pride ourselves on being a professional and friendly centre where our member’s needs are our top priority. You will always get a good workout, no matter when you train!


Anonymous said...

I finished 31st and i'm showing up as a late entry.I registered at 6:30 filled out the registration form and still i come up as a late entry,i have friends who registered a lot late than me yet there names and time were ok

Anonymous said...

Great race. Well setup and marshalled. Great to see so many volunteers out. In fairness the weather helped. The race is really well supported by the locals. It's fantastic to see so many younger runners out and if only a quarter of them were to keep up the running in to their later years Irish Teams could do really well. The hill in the middle of the race is some test..... Fair play to everybody involved.

Anonymous said...

593 ran in 2013 and 612 in 2012. Just saying' :)

John Desmond said...

Post updated. I forgot that it used to be a BHAA race. The numbers then were higher when it was the only race on that night. I'd guess that if it was the same again, the numbers might well be up at record levels.

Anonymous said...

A huge amount of stewards involved in ensuring race went smoothly. Great support from locals on the route. Well done all involved.