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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Irish runner plans to set Guinness World record running a marathon in a bottle costume!

If you were looking through the photos of the Cork City Marathon recently, you may have noticed one runner in a bottle outfit...

The runner in question was Terry Brady who ran the Cork City Half-Marathon in an impressive 1:29:21!

Terry is currently planning to run the Waterford Marathon later in the month with the aim of breaking 3:31:57 which is the current Guinness World Record for running a marathon dressed as a bottle.

Terry outside the bottle

This is Terry's story in his own words.....3 years ago I took up running and have been giving a new lease of life. My biggest personal achievement to date is running a 2:59 marathon in Berlin in 2014 (only 2% of people who line up achieve this).

My godchild, 1 yr old Theo was born profoundly deaf. His Mother (from Clonakility  has built a FB & internet page so people can follow his progress ( Theo is just 1 yr old and was born with a very rare form of deafness due to his auditory nerves fusing. He has a completely silent world. There are only a handful of specialist surgeons worldwide who are able to implant a tiny device into the actual brain stem where hearing is processed. An ABI (auditory brain stem implant ) will at a minimum give him Environmental Noises but with lots of therapy and hard work maybe even speech. It is estimated that with the cost of surgery, follow ups will be 100,000 EUR which is self-funded. 

Could Ireland Have a Marathon World record holder??

This leads me into what I aim to do: This is to break the Guinness world record for running a marathon dressed as a bottle during the Waterford Viking Marathon on June 27th 2015. Last year Buxton Water supported Paul Simons record breaking attempt in the London Marathon. Many fundraising costume wearing runners normal languish mid pack or to the tail end of a field. I aim to be right up in the top 5-10% of finishers. The current record is 3:31 and I aim to run quicker.

More information can be found here

Terry is originally from Co.Cavan and currently lives in Dunshaughlin in Co.Meath.


Anonymous said...

Well done

he ran past me in the Cork half and then i caught him, and then he passed me and i said..that fella must be good or i must be slow!!..the fact that he has run sub 3 obviously proves that he is a great runner and makes me feal better about getting passed by a bottle of bear

well done and good luck

Anonymous said...

Good luck..