Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the Cork BHAA Millipore 6k race...Wed 10th June 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Results & photos of the Cork BHAA Millipore 6k race...Wed 10th June 2015

It's a bit like waiting for a bus and then two come along together. So it was this evening when there were two road races within miles of each other and both starting at 8pm.

A total of 409 runners turned out for the Cork BHAA race which when added to the 524 in Glanmire meant that there were over 900 runners taking part in races locally on Wednesday evening.

1 Eric Curran M1 00:19:06 UCC STUDENT
2 Micheal Bruton M2 00:19:38 GE Healthcare
3 Darren Molloy M3 00:19:41 Navy M-B-2
12 Martina Kiely F1 00:21:06 Dept of Ed F-A-1
44 Niamh Cronin 0/35H F2 00:23:39 Ronan Daly Jermyn Solicitors
64 Margaret Jones 0/45J F3 00:24:20 Midleton Town Council

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE


Anonymous said...

2nd year in a row that this race has had perfect weather. Really enjoyable and challenging race. A few unexpected hills to get the heart racing. Easy to get to, parking great, free water bottle and huge feed afterwards. Couldn't go wrong for €5.
BHAA do a great job and its good to see new races on the calendar, this race being its 2nd year and VMWare 1st race next week. Well done to all involved

Crazy to see 900+ people out in total for 2 races only separated by about 10 mins. Disappointing that one scheduled the other on the same night but sure it probably was a good thing in the end to split the crowds.

I'll definitely be back next year for this race. Might even book the day off work because its guaranteed sunshine on the day :-)

Anonymous said...

I have done both the Glanmaire and Millipore races over the past few years. Think the Milllipore race is more enjoyable... lovely finish.

BHAA always do a great race

Amazing the numbers at both races .. Well done organisers of both races