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Friday, June 19, 2015

Man wins mile race in 4:15 with dog...

All over the world, there are some oddball races and some of the strangest ones are where participants run with animals. There is a sport called Canicross as outlined in a previous post which is a mixture of cross country running with dogs. In the US, there is a one mile road race where the runners and their dogs take part.

The Dog Mile takes place in Santa Barbara, California in June every year. The race isn't without its hazards though as ones of the biggest problems is with dogs changing direction and the owners tripping over the dog or leash!

This year, there were 74 dogs and owners taking part with the winner Josh Helton finishing in a time of 4m 15s. This was 7 seconds faster than the previous record of 4:22 which was set back in 2008.

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