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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Results of the Kilworth Camp 5 mile road race...Fri 1st May 2015

The weather conditions for this race were pretty awful. The thermometer was stuck at 7 deg C for most of the day and the rain started at about mid-day and never stopped. Perhaps the norm for say November or February but you'd expect things to be a small bit milder for the 1st of May.

Someone said the following in an e-mail....."The additional long trek from registration at Ned Roache's pub to the start line ensured that many people were soaked before the race started. There was also a strong wind blowing, and even some hailstones before the race started! Running into wind for much of first half on each of two laps. Even the photographer would not get out of his car, just opened window and took pics. It was such a contrast to the heat-wave conditions at this same event in 2013."

A total of 144 hardy souls braved the conditions in Kilworth Camp, a big drop of 32% on the 212 of last year.

1 BRIAN MURPHY    IVERAVGH AC       27:01    SM    05:24
2 DANNY SMITH    BALLYNONTY AC       27:07    SM    05:25
3 SHANE SIMCOX    MALLOW AC       27:49    M40    05:34
21 JOAN ENNIS    GRANGE-FERMOY AC       31:24    F50    06:17
31 LORNA DAVEY FITZGERALD    MALLOW AC       32:40    F35    06:32
35 KEALEY TIDSWELL    CLONMEL AC       32:48    SF    06:34

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos.....Facebook account required to view
1) Gerard Sullivan has a large gallery of photos HERE


Johnny G said...

Christ, those conditions were fair brutal, lads. That headwind on the outward half of each loop was a right tough one. But do you know what - it was still a great night. The race had its usual good organisation, and its worth going just for the homely, quaint surrounds of Ned Roches pub afterwards for the welcome tea and sandwiches and buns. An annual must !!

Anonymous said...

Horrible conditions on a tough exposed course. It took me a full 24 hours to warm up after it. Well done to Grange-Fermoy though. They put on a well marshalled and well organised race. A pity they did not get the nice evening they deserved. Great spread of treats afterwards

Grange Fermoy AC said...

Thanks lads for your comments. Yes it was a wet evening and the range is very exposed so well done to all of the runners who came and braved the element!! Tell all your runner friends as we would be delighted to get more runners especially from the city! See you next year!