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Friday, May 29, 2015

Weather Forecast for the Cork City Marathon...Mon 1st June 2015

Updated Mon @7am.....Intermittent rain forecast and increasing in frequency as the morning goes on. The worst weather after 12 noon.

Rain at 6:30am

1) It's going to be windy.
2) That wind will increase in intensity as the morning progresses with possibly very strong winds at about 1-2pm.
3) There will be rain but it's hard to say exactly when it will start in any particular location. 9am might be dry or it may be just starting. It's down to probabilities and the likely hood of it raining later are higher as the morning progresses.

Obviously the longer you are out there then the higher chances you have of getting wet.

1) RAIN.....Morning...Intermittent showers increasing in frequency as the morning goes on. Worst of the rain after 12 noon. The early afternoon will be very wet.

2) TEMPERATURE...The temperate will be in the low teens so fine for running. Not great if you get soaked though.

3) WIND...Note the centre of the low pressure system that will bring in all the rain is just off the west coast of Ireland. It is likely to be very windy with a strong south-westerly breeze. As the morning progresses, this will increase in intensity with possibly gale force winds around 1-2pm.

4) RELAY....For those doing the relay, then there are likely to be very different conditions for the person starting off and the person finishing. The first person may find conditions pretty goo. The last person may find them awful especially as they'll have to wait. Again, the main thing is how long the team os out on the course. The slower then the worse it will be.

The wind is likely to be a factor along these stretches...
a) Coming back from Blackpool...2.5m to 3.5m
b) Coming out of the tunnel and along the South Ring Road...7.8m to 8.7m
c) The walkway after Blackrock Castle...11.3m to 13m
d) From the Elysian out the Link Road.....17m to 18.7m

Other than that, it's going to be a cross wind for most of the course which won't help.

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