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Friday, May 29, 2015

Results & photos of the Ballyandreen 5 mile road race...Thurs 28th May 2015

A total of 564 runners turned out for this years Ballyandreen 5 mile road race, the first race of four in the Ballycotton Summer Series. As you can see from the chart below, that is a drop from last years numbers although still well up on a few years ago.

Considering that the weather was dry, there might be two reasons for the drop.
1) It possibly might be a sign of the sheer volume of races on a moment. This week alone, there was the John Buckley 5k on Tuesday, a trail race in Currabinny on Wednesday, the Ballyandreen 5 mile on Thursday and there will be a 5k in Doneraile on Friday.
2) The Cork City Marathon, Half-Marathon & Relay is on next Monday and a lot of people may be saving themselves for that.

1 24:59    HARTY, Michael    East Cork AC    M    04:59.7
2 26:24    MCGRATH, Sean    East Cork AC    M    05:16.7
3 27:12    MOLLOY, Darren    Leevale AC    M    05:26.3
35 30:54    MACKEOWN, Rosaleen    Leevale AC    F40    06:10.7
54 31:37    SANTRY, Fiona    East Cork AC    F    06:19.3
68 32:04    LEONARD, Helen    Leevale AC    F40    06:24.7

The full results can be seen HERE

Winners of the 2015 Ballyandreen 5 mile road race...Michael Harty of East Cork AC, first man to break 25 minutes since 2001. Rosaleen MacKeown of Leevale AC was the first woman home for the biggest win of her running career.

Photos to follow...


Anonymous said...

There was a school fundraising race on last night in Aherla which took a few.

Anonymous said...

First time running this course and the Beast wasn't as bad as what I had heard. Lovely evening & well done to all involved. Special mention to the locals who opened their house to provide refreshments. Pity about it being so close to marathon but plenty at race also doing the marathon but running conservatively. Lucky to get out car out of the big field and if it had rained think it could have caused chaos as some cars parked at the bottom of field struggled to get out - maybe something to look at going forward?

Anonymous said...

Great evening, nice comfortable numbers. The locals who opened up their home to provide refreshment - fair play, very nice people

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the generous family who opened their house to the big crowds for tea and biscuits - really lovely cuppa in a beautiful house overlooking the sea - well worth the trip for that alone!

Anonymous said...

Comments leading up to race and last night about proximity to Marathon are mad. This race has been on the 4th Thursday of each May with nearly 40 years. Why should they change?
Fab race last night, well done to all concerned.
Best €5 spent on a tough course but great atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Well done on another great race ! Very challenging course but we got through it. Very well done to Michael Harty on breaking the 25 min mark on that course

Anonymous said...

It is the rare occasion that they come so close. Next year this race will be on the 26th and the marathon will be on the 7th. Its just because the bank holiday Monday falls on the 1st this year. Not sure any of the comments were mad, think people were saying that they would be putting the marathon 1st this year

Really enjoyed the race. Some crazy times there. Michael was out on his own straight away. Unbelievable performance. Looking forward to next one already. With the numbers down it might give more people who would never dream of getting into top 50 a fighting chance this year.

Well done to all involved.

DGM said...

Must be the faster runners staying away. I was 25secs slower than in 2014 (lack of training) but 50 places higher.

Anonymous said...

Car park will have to be addressed next year. All cars at bottom of field had to me pushed up the hill. Luckily the field was dry....if it was wet it would have been crazy. Well done to all who helped push the cars up the hill, not exactly an ideal 'cool-down' activity.

Again, a great race, tough but classic course.

Donal O'Donoghue said...

Have to agree with the comment that there's too many important races coming close together.
I seem to recall that a few years ago, as a result of the starting of the Cork City Marathon from 2007 onwards, the John Buckley Sports 5k was pushed back to 3 weeks after the Marathon ?

Also, I was 7 seconds faster this year, but I moved up by 62 places relative to last year. Yipee !!

Anonymous said...

Will someone find us a car park in Ballyandreen! Count yourselves lucky that a local farmer was kind enough to let us use his field. If someone has a better idea for 2016, please let us know at BRP!

Anonymous said...

First time to Ballycotton and it won't be my last. Well run, great atmosphere and support from the locals along the way. Very, very enjoyable. And I was parked at the very bottom of the field and drove out no bother.

Unknown said...

Great race as always. Well done to the organisers, unlike a lot of the newer races the focus is on the race itself. Looking forward to the rest of the series. I saw the problem in the car park. I was at the bottom of the field as well and got out fine. The trick is not to floor the accelerator! But I think its worth noting for next year not to use the steep part of the field.

Unknown said...

as always the lads put on a great race I was glad to be a part of it
ken mulcahy

Anonymous said...

Any sign of the photos please.