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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Results of the Great Railway Run...Sun 10th Nov 2013

The Great Railway Run was held today the 10th of Nov 2013 in somewhat wet conditions.

The 25 km race attracted 87 runners and ran from Cork City to Carrigaline following much of the old railway route.
1 Kevin WILMOT    01:30:25    01:30:25    Open    Male
2 Eric BROWNE    01:35:54    01:35:51    Open    Male
3 Joe WALSH    01:38:17    01:38:15    40-49    Male
1 Maura REGAN    01:43:59    01:43:55    Open    Female
2 Deirdre GRADY    01:48:46    01:48:45    Open    Female
3 Siobhan DEMPSEY    01:50:57    01:50:57    40-49    Female

The 10 km race went from Monkstown to Carrigaline and had a field of 154.
1 Alan O' BRIEN    00:36:23    00:36:20    Open    Male
2 David CRAIG    00:37:08    00:37:06    Open    Male
3 John OCALLAGHAN    00:38:33    00:38:31    40-49    Male
1 Ailbhe MC DAID    00:41:24    00:41:21    Open    Female
2 Stephanie CULLIGAN    00:43:04    00:43:02    40-49    Female
3 Debbie LEE    00:44:44    00:44:41    40-49    Female

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE

(Photo courtesy of Kieran Minihane)


Anonymous said...

Ran the 25k today must say I really enjoyed it. Very well organised and great spread afterwards. Well done conor and gang.
PS. Well done to the all the eagles!

Anonymous said...

Did the 25km too, really well organised. Lovely run too, flat for the most part, with a few testers towards the end. Pity about the small turn out. Think they should look at running this a couple of weeks before the Cork marathon as it would be a great prep race.

Anonymous said...

Hi ran the 25km really enjoyed it a lot better than last year. water bottles were a lot better than the cups well done for making the changes . I think It would be better if the 25k runners went through monkstown before the 10 k started, maybe start the 10 k at 11 o clock and also why was there no medals or t shirts at finish line . its a pity there wasn't a bigger crowd for the 25k but over all well done to everyone.

IACAN said...

Super race, well marshalled, KM to signs an excellent idea, bus laid on for runners, spread in hall top class inc.soup very welcome on a cold wet day, funds raised going to local causes, yes, start the 10k at 11 with the 25k passing thru before its start it would create an atmosphere, pity re small numbers in 25k, then when you see the number of Cork athletes that travelled to Macroom and Killarney on Saturday it would make you wonder, I say support your own, not many athletes west of the county bounds support Cork races. Well done Carrigaline.

Anonymous said...

Did the 25k and overall I'd highly recommend this race. A big thanks to all the marshalls who stood out on the rain and were very supportive throughout.

The warm showers were very welcome too as this was an issue at the Charleville Half (there was no water left at all). I guess with a smaller field of runners, there was enough hot water to go around (which was badly needed I can tell you with the cold and wet conditions, so it was great to have the hot shower there).

On the downside, the bus back to the start line (and my car) left (possibly twice) without being announced. I don't think it would be a big deal to get the DJ to announce 'The Bus is Leaving in 5 mins'? I didn't see standing out in the rain, or in the doorway as great options, so an announcement should really have been made (the departure times were different than advertised too I think). Luckily, another runner from my club was there, so I was fortunate enough to get a spin back to town to my car.

I didn't realise that you had to pay for the t-shirts afterwards, or that there would be photos for sale, such much like the journey back to the start line, I was fortunate enough to have a friend there who gave me a loan for the day so I could get both (I hadn't brought my wallet with me on the run and wasn't to keen to leave it in the sports bags being transported).

I thought the back road from Ringaskiddy into Carrigaline had lots of blind corners, which could really have done with stewards to flag cars coming around the corners. Also, given there are so many junctions, some sign posts would help too if there is no steward there (in particular the turns immediately before Shanbally as I was expecting to turn off for Carrigaline earlier and only for asking runners behind me, would have been tempted to do so).

Despite the above, it was a great race and again, I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to do that length of race.

John Kissane said...

The earlier start for the 25k is a much better idea I think and meant we missed most of the rain.

All seemed well organised to me, great to have the warm showers at the end. Will definitely be back again next year!