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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Incident at the Run in the Dark event reported in the local media

Someone sent on this piece which appeared in the Cork Independent newspaper last week following the Run in the Dark event.

“I was doing a 5k leg of the run but there was also the option of doing a 10k which is what that woman was doing. I had finished up and was walking to collect my pack, that every racer get, when I noticed a drunk man kind of jump at the racer. Next thing I knew she had pinned him to the ground and then she continued on with the race, it was unbeliveable! I would think since I had just finished up with the 5k then that woman was only halfway through her race so to watch her pin that drunk man down and then carry on was very unusual, she was a brave woman! Not only was she standing up for herself but she was also warding him off so that he wouldn't interupt the race for others. I honestly couldn't believe it when I saw her carry on as if nothing had happened, i'd love to know what her time was in the end. The 10k is particularly hard as you are running the same course four times so for that to happen to her halfway through it and too pin the man down and then carry on like nothing happened, you'd have to see it to believe it! Myself and two friends that I was with were wondering if we should go over to help but she had everything taken care of it seems, he didn't go near anyone else after she had dealt with him so fair play to her, she was very hardcore!”

The full article can be seen HERE

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