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Monday, November 11, 2013

Review of the Macroom Park Run numbers

Park Runs started off in the UK in 2004 and have since become very popular. The concept is simple enough....a timed 5k course in a local park and people take part for free every week.

In May of this year, a new Park Run started in Macroom which was the first one in Cork. As outlined in this earlier post, there was a question mark about whether a weekly 5k event in an area with a low population density would keep going after the initial interest had worn off.

The event last Saturday was the 26th week and it is now going for six months. As can be seen from the graph below, the numbers have declined slightly of late but they are still getting around 50 people per week.

By the way, that peak at the end of August was due to Sonia O'Sullivan making an appearance.

Obviously as it's a free event, there is a large voluntary effort required to keep it going week after week regardless of the weather. The next challenge that they will probably face is trying to keep the numbers up over the wet and cold winter months.

There was talk a few months ago about other Park Runs starting up in Co.Cork but there has been no news of late. Anyone got any info???


Anonymous said...

This is a well organised free timed run on a tough testing course. People should make the effort to give it a go for themselves. Its a great facility to have in such a regional town

Anonymous said...

Parkruns should also be set up in Fota Estate to cater for East Cork,Doneraile Park for North Cork runners and the Marina for people from the City.

Maybe you could organise it John.

Slips said...

Really well organised. Great local social run for everyone of all standards. Just get there to run for yourself, all are welcomed, you will enjoy your run and your achievement.

Unknown said...

Hi John, we are in advanced stages of preparation to host parkrun in Clonakilty. The Clonakilty Roadrunners AC and Clonakilty Show Grounds Society have partnered to develop an athletics training base at the Show Grounds in Clonakilty. It is herethat we hope to host parkrun in early 2014. Once a start date has been set, I'll be in touch. Best wishes, Brian

Anonymous said...

I recently ran the parkrun in Krakow. 57 runners attended that Saturday and the week previous had 49. Comparing the size and population of Krakow to Macroom I think the numbers are very impressive and hands down a much more interesting course! Having run in Macroom from time to time and witnessed the broad spectrum of people across all activity abilities taking part I would certainly rate it a success. Some people are not interested in BHAA or competition but simply going out getting active in a fun non pressured environment! we need more of these!

John Dunphy said...

John,completed my 16th Parkrun last Saturday and love the course,some of us consider it to be very tough and a great form of training,numbers are steady week to week,i have done stewarding on three occasions to date as we are asked to steward three times per year to ensure the success of the weekly run,regulars have been very obligeing to do it and also locals come along to help.must mention Yvonne the run director and her crew whom are fantastic and their commitment to this event is very much appreciated by all,will it
affect other events!! no chance because u just pick on any weekend what race u choose to do and give it a skip that week,alot of parkrunners that i know are at most midweek and Sunday would be great to see more regular runners from local events give it ago now and again,but going forward Macroom Parkrun is in great shape and i look forward to many more runs there in the future.

Unknown said...

I live in London and am from West Cork, parkran has changed running in London and im really lucky to have one less than a 1km from my house. Most of the parkruns have grown gradually so dont panic i bet Macromm will have over 100 each week this time next year. Even if it doesnt as long as there are volunteers to keep it going then no harm.
I went to Macroom parkrun when i was home in August and it really is well organised (i have done 77 parkruns is 18 different locations).
I live outside Clonakilty and am really excited about parkrun coming to Clon, Clon has an active club behind it so im sure parkrun will flourish there. If you havent done a parkrun yet, get there next Saturday but beware they are addictive!