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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quinn Brothers Run Dublin City Marathon For MS Ireland

Back in 1980, the four Quinn brothers became a media sensation in the USA when they lined up to take part in the 1980 New York City Marathon. At the time, they were the first set of four brothers in the world to run in a marathon together. Reflecting on those times, Mick Quinn said......“We were four fairly unfit lads but we had youth on our side. We were about 22/23 years old and played GAA so we weren’t too worried. Once the media picked it up there was no turning back – we had to get fitter and fitter.”

Fast forward 33 years later to 2013 and the same four brothers have gone back into training for this year's Dublin City Marathon. On Monday, they will be running to raise funds for MS Ireland......“33 years later we’re doing again. While we’re a bit more rotund now, let’s say, and we may not do it in the same time as before, our intention is the same – to raise funds for a very worthy cause like MS Ireland.”

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