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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Results of the Cork to Cobh 15 mile race...Sun 6th Oct 2013

The results of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race are now available.

Looking at the results for 2013 and comparing it to previous years, the numbers this year were down around 19%. It's not immediately obvious why this was the case? The Cork county novice cross country championships were on the same day so that may have taken a few. The 'Human Race' over much the same distance in Limerick City may have attracted runners from the north of Munster and beyond so that might have been a major factor?

Looking back through the overall numbers, I had a look at the numbers finishing at different paces as well. I did something similar with the Ballycotton results back in August and it looks pretty much the same.

As can be seen from the graph, the numbers for Cork to Cobh peaked in 2010 with 848 runners and 2013 was down 23% on the peak. Another stat to pick out is the number of people who ran the 15 mile course in under 7 minute per mile pace. The numbers at that pace haven't change much in the last years despite the growth in overall numbers.

As a percentage, the numbers running sub 8 minutes per mile were at a peak back in 2003 at 60.9%. That has reduced to an all time low in 2013 of 40.8%.

1 ALAN O'SHEA , 2 JOHN MEADE , 3 Cornelius Marshall , 4 DAVID RYAN , 5 Mike Morgan , 6 KEVIN WILMOT


The full results can be seen HERE

Links to photos of the 2013 race can be seen in this earlier post.


Anonymous said...

I think you have to take into account that you have more and more people who have not been running for years, but who might have taken it up recently, participating in organised races. These races are no longer seen as only for elite runners. This is going to bring down the average pace. I think its a good thing, but statistics-wise its going to cause a skew.

Anonymous said...

Hi John I am hoping you can help me by telling me who I should contact in the bhaa to getting my name on the results page I finished in 1hr 40 min but for some reason I have not been included. It was my 1st time running this race and my 2nd time ever running 15 miles so I was delighted with my time but saddened not to see my name on the results page Thanks for any help you can give Alan

John Desmond said...

Try sending an e-mail to Kevin Cummins of the Cork BHAA...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a mill John all sorted

Anonymous said...

Running is for everyone and is highly recommended. I think many races are experiencing slower average times (I think the Ballycotton 10 programme had a feature on this some years ago). As running thankfully becomes popular, it's the non-elite numbers that grow. I'd say the Cork to Cobh back 30 years ago attracted only extremely serious runners. Obviously the elites have been running for years and good luck to them. However, there are much more runners today than ever & that's great. Well done again on a memorable Cork to Cobh race which gets better & better.