Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Cork BHAA LeisureWorld 5 mile road race...Wed 28th Aug 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Results of the Cork BHAA LeisureWorld 5 mile road race...Wed 28th Aug 2013

A total of 412 runners took part in this years Cork BHAA LeisureWorld 5 mile road race in Ballincollig, a jump of 33% on last years number.
Winner of the womens race Orla Drumm.......Photo : Gearóid Ó Laoi

1 Gavin Sweeney                 26:00
3 Eric Curran        UCC STUDENT     M  26:52
13 Orla Drumm        UCC     F    29:11
34 Sinead O'Connor        DEPT OF EDUCATION     F    30:26
50 CARMEL PARNELL        CORK SHOPS     F     F55  31:18

The full results are HERE

1) Gearóid Ó Laoi has a gallery HERE 
2) Doug Minihane has a gallery HERE
3) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE


Gerard said...

Wow! results and photos on line before we got home ! Well done all !
Super efficient !

Anonymous said...

chip timing was really handy. would be nice if all BHAA races were chip timed. With the big numbers attending each BHAA race now the chip increases efficiency of registering and posting results. Well organised race. Well done to BHAA and all involved.

Mike said...

A tough but enjoyable race.

BTW not being picky but I was given the same time from the clock and the chip timing of 33;18. It took me the bones of 30 secs to cross the line at the start so could you double check my chip time please.
I came 91st, Mike ...could make all the difference in my Olympic Qualifying!

Anonymous said...

Got to echo all the good comments here. BHAA always very well organised and enjoyable race with only negative the delay in results that has been mentioned countless times before. Great to have chip timing last night and impossible to find any fault. Nice course, great location and very well organised. Even heard there was a child minding service in supernova. Think I'm going to actually register for bhaa. Not sure why haven't all these years

Anonymous said...

A great race, very well organised. Excellent stewarding at all points. It was a tough but enjoyable route. Great to have results by the time I got back to my car.

Pete said...


No point asking anyone to check your time here mike. Get onto precision timing about it.

Anonymous said...

great race , a few tough pulls on that one ...well done bhaa again ...

Anonymous said...

Excellent race - very well organised. Looking at the times, it would seem that there were quite a few instances throughout the field where clock and chip timing were identical...reckon I lost a few seconds myself too but, given that BHAA usually only operate clock time, last night was still a big improvement in terms of getting the results out

Donal said...

The results are not completely accurate. As with any race, a bit of data cleansing needs to take place after the race. John, can you update your results when we post ours? Recent BHAA results were online that evening. Chip timing while nice to have is not essential to getting results out quickly. We are putting further measures in place to speed up one of the final time constraints.

Ironically we are clearing up some issues with the chips not registering immediately at the line which is why they are not up on our site yet.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Leisureworld - setting the standard for BHAA races!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful night for running. Lovely course.
Chip timing is a must from now on
Very well organised and stewarded.

John Desmond said...

Ref Donal....No problem updating results later.

Ref Chip Timing....It might be worth pointing out that chip timing usually costs something like €2 to €2.50 per runner. Considering that the BHAA only charge €5 entry for registered runners then it's obvious that chip timing can't be used for every race.

Anonymous said...

Great race with some testing pulls indeed.

It may have been answered before, but what does the 5e and 8e fee go towards? 2-3K must of been collected last night. Are BHAA charged for road closures, ambulance and garda presence? Leisure World covered the timing chips and food I believe.

Pete said...


The majority would go to Leisure World to cover their costs for the race (which is almost everything from last night) but the BHAA take a cut as well.

Anonymous said...

Any team results

John Quigley said...

Re "what does the 5e and 8e fee go towards?"

It costs a lot to run a race: Venue hire, pins, numbers, prizes, food, advertising, portaloos (when provided), chip timing (when provided), water, general expenses, to mention just a few. You get sponsorship where possible.

The more the organisers put into the quality of the race set-up, the more the costs rise.

The BHAA model, at a bargain-basement entry fee, includes some 60 odd prizes - even if each one were to cost €5, that doesn't leave much for anything else.

Mark McManus said...

Mark here from LeisureWorld.
Thanks for all the positive comments, it's great for all the volunteers to hear that everyone enjoyed the race.
Everyone got round safely which is our number 1 concern. Everything after that is a bonus.
Re chip timing, that was a decision Leisureworld took to pay for each runner to try to improve the experience. The BHAA have a good system in place, and there is no need for chip timing,but we decided to add as an extra to try this year. We will review to see if its needed for next year.
It is an extra cost onto what already is a cost for race sponsors (prizes alone approx €2000), and as outlined above entry is great value so will never cover costs. I suppose that's why we are called 'sponsors'.

Leisureworld is delighted to be a sponsor of the BHAA, which is a great organisation of volunteers that provide many opportunities for runners of all levels, all year. I would also like to thank our volunteers on the night, especially Ballincollig Tidy Towns who cleared the course in advance of the race and helped on the night, Ballincollig Boxing Club and Ballincollig Athletics Club, and of course LeisureWorld staff.
A big thanks to Supernova staff also for all their help & use of facilities.

Also a thanks to all runners, hope to see you all next year.

Anonymous said...

Just on the "drop and run' facility provided by Supernova, fantastic idea, meant myself and my OH could both run. Kids want us to do the race again next year!!!! Thanks for providing this service...