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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cork runner looking for help with Garmin 405 watch

Someone sent me this request for info. Maybe someone with one can offer some advice about how to fix it or where to send it?

A few days ago, I was running in the rain and my 405 watch kept stopping and starting and beeping. Now the time will stop when I turn off the GPS and turn back on again after I turn the GPS back on. Does any one know how I can fix this? I tried to turn it off and on a few times but to no avail.


Anonymous said...

How do I master reset my Forerunner 410, 405CX or 405?
There are a few instances in which performing a master reset on the Forerunner 410, 405CX or 405 is necessary, such as if the device is:

◦Not functioning properly
◦Needing to be restored to factory default settings
◦Not receiving a satellite signal*
◦To bring up language selection prompt if incorrect language text is showing
◦Unable to pair up accessories, such as the heart rate monitor or foot pod

All settings and workout data will be erased when resetting the GPS. Workouts can be backed up to training programs like Garmin Connect.

1.If turned off, power on Forerunner
2.Press and hold Start/Stop and Lap/Reset simultaneously
3.Press both buttons until screen goes blank
4.Release Start/Stop and continue to hold Lap/Reset
5.Release Lap/Reset when the Do you really want erase all user data? message appears
6.Select Enter (Start/Stop) to clear user data
Once these steps are complete, follow the setup prompts. Set profile options and charge the battery completely before using.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this web site might help???

Anonymous said...

I'd say reset it as opposed to turning it on and off

If this doesn't work you're probably looking at a damaged unit and will need to send it back to Garmin/get a new one

Aidan said...

Have you the latest version of the firmware installed? I don't know if it will fix this issue, but I don't see how it could hurt before you resort to the reset.

Anonymous said...

I have had the same issue, and unfortunately was told in the end i needed a replacement watch.
The first thing i did was a master reset but the issue returned.
If it's the case that the watch will only stay on when it is connected to the charger then you are screwed.
I complained to garmin and they offered me a replacement (I was just outside the guarrantee period) for 90 euro- for me to buy a new one was ~ 210.Hope this helps.

Rachael Flynn said...

I've had this issue too. The Garmins dont like working in the rain as it thinks each of the drops is a click on the bezel. If you can do a full reset of the watch and then if it raining, once you start the timer, lock the Bezel so that it doesnt register the rain,. That should work! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Happened me. Followed steps on Garmin website and grand since.

KKenny said...

Follow the advice as regards resetting the watch and from now on everytime you use the watch for a run, when you have pressed start for the timer, then lock the bezel, i.e. press the Start/Stop and Lap/Reset button simultaneously for a second, a message will disply saying 'Bezel Locked', this means that the bezel won't react to any touch prompts or react to excessive moisture like rain/sweat. Used to happen to me all the time and drive me cracked, but once you get into the habit of locking the bezel everytime after you have started the timer, it should alleviate the problem. Unlocking the bezel is done by pressing the 2 buttons simultaneously. When the bezel is locked, the watch still reacts if you want to press stop or to press lap, it just stops the bezel from reacting. A godsend when discovered!

Anonymous said...

Ya similar problem watch under 2yrs old. Have done hard resets and all appears good for a while crashed again & condensation evident. 20min on hold to garmin & gave up.
Awaiting reply to emails....