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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Results of the Greenville 5k road race, Carrigtwohill - Wed 5th Sept 2012

This 5k road race in Carrigtwohill on Wednesday, the 5th of September was the last evening race of the season and attracted a large field of 260 runners. Hopefully it will now become a regular fixture on the race calendar and should be on the same time next year.

Cork Association for Autism...GREENVILLE '5K', Carrigtwohill...Wednesday 5 September 2012.

 Place    Time    Name    Team    Race Age Category    min/mile      
 1    0:16:17    BERKELEY, Noel    Dundrum South Dublin AC    M45    05:14.4    437    1
 2    0:16:47    KELLEHER, Kenneth    East Cork AC    M    05:24.0    424    2
 3    0:17:15    TIERNEY, Conor    East Cork AC    M    05:33.0    313    3
 1    0:18:32    MURPHY, Emma    St. Finbarrs AC    F    05:57.8    349    14
 2    0:18:45    ROE, Niamh    Eagle AC    F    06:02.0    325    18
 3    0:18:50    HOLLAND, Ann-Marie    Eagle AC    F    06:03.6    440    19

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Doug Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE

 Bottleneck on the course near the finish line. Obviously won't be an issue next year.

So what did you think of the race considering it was a new event? What went right / wrong? Comments...???

(Photos courtesy of Doug Minihane)


Anonymous said...

Great turn out last night on what was a tough cource, well done to all who organised. Pity about potholes and bridge hopefully be fixed for next year.

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable race, tough finish. I'm sure it will be even better next year, well done alround.

Anonymous said...

Glad the other posters above found the course tough as I thought it was just me! I had not been expecting the climbs to be too much of an issue based on the preview but the drag up to the end was hard.

This was my first officially timed race and In enjoyed it.

Good turnout so the charity will have earned a few quid.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought it was a tough enough course as well. Your preview of it being a 'fast' course was a bit off the mark!, but I still enjoyed it. The hill near the end was a bit of a tester.

John Desmond said...

I said it was a 'reasonably fast course' which it is. There are plenty of flat sections to make up time.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the race,but they could have done with more toilets,two between 259 runners is too small.Water at the finish line would also have been a good help on such a warm evening.

DGM said...

I found the bridge with the roadworks much tougher. Maybe it's because I knew that the end was just around the corner on the last hill.
Lovely race and lots of supplies after it.
All it needed was another loo.

Anonymous said...

I found it a tough course as well but there was a lot of down hill runningl. Also pollen was high which didn't help. I nearly gave up on the last hill but saying all that I only started running this summer and it was was 5th 5k and my fastest time, so worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the finish was in a bad spot with all the finishers having to come back against the field on what are narrow roads.
Hopefully this can be sorted next year.
With the finish of the roadworks I think a better starting point would be near the Church somewhere to finish close to Greenville. Obviously not feasible this year but something to think about in future.
Otherwise a decent enough race on a lovely evening.

Anonymous said...

It is worth pointing out that only one headphone wearer started this race and they were removed(THE HEADPHONES THAT IS) withen the first 50 meters.It just goes to show with proper advertising etc that the vast majority of runners will obey and respect the rules of a race.Thanks
Danny Mc Carthy
Midleton AC

Anonymous said...

Hi to all who took part in the Greenville 5km Run for Autism.
You managed to raise over €1,440 for the Cork Association for Autism - and we all would like to say thanks a million and hopefully see you next year! thanks for the feedback - we will take it all on board!
If anyone know of a port-a-loo company with a kind heart to sponsor more loos please let us know!
Have a great off season!
Louise and the CAA Team