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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Results of the John Buckley Sports Cork Half-Marathon -- Sun 9th Sept 2012

This year's Cork Half-Marathon was a great success with a record crowd of 501 runners taking part, a rise of 13% on last year's figure of 442 which is no mean feat when you consider the number of Half-Marathons on at this time of year. In terms of the weather, it was a mixed bag. Pre-race, it looked as if it was going wet and misty. Ten minutes later, we were sweltering in the sunshine. Overall though, things could have been a lot worse and though there was a bit of a headwind on the way back, the course was slightly downhill at that stage.

This year of course marked a new departure in that the course was changed with the hilly loop up around Grenagh being removed. Even despite this, it is still a challenging course. Looking at an ordnance survey map, the course goes from about 35 metres above sea level at the bridge in the town to about 100m asl at the old cheese plant. That's a rise of some 65 metres or about 210 feet. To put that in context, if you were standing on Patrick's Street in Cork City and looking at the top of Patrick's Hill then that rise is only about 55 metres. So the course is the equivalent of going up a hill 10 metres higher than Patrick's Hill except that it is stretched out over roughly 6 miles.

There were times on the way out where it seemed as if the course was flat but in reality, it was slightly uphill. Other than the small hill near Waterloo church, it's hard to actually pinpoint what the tough parts of the course were but it's the gradual incline that makes this course still a challenge.

As for the out and back section, I thought this worked pretty well. I know some people had concerns that the road was too narrow to accommodate all of the runners going out and back. In reality, it seemed to work just fine. The advantage of an out and back race is that you get to watch the race as well. You can see who is ahead and who is behind and what the gaps might be. Coming at that stage of the race it tends to be a distraction which might be no bad thing for anyone struggling up to that point.

As Half-Marathon courses go, it certainly isn't the fastest but it is a lot faster than what it used to be. Anyone that sets a personal best time on the new course surely has the added satisfaction of knowing that it wasn't easily won. For me at least, I'd give the new course the thumb's up.

What did you think of it? Better? Worse?........and the event overall? It's only by getting feedback on a race that the organisers can see what went right or wrong and hope to improve it.

The mens race was won by Michael Herlihy of North Cork AC in a time of 1:10:44. Michael also won the race in 2011.

The womens race was won by Emma Murphy of the host club St.Finbarr's AC in 1:22:12.

Pos    Name    Club/City/Country    Cat    Gun Time    Chip Time
1 Michael Herlihy    North Cork AC     MO    1:10:44    1:10:43
2 Sandis Bralitis    West Waterford AC     MO    1:12:46    1:12:45
3 Railis Zakis    West Waterford AC     MO    1:12:55    1:12:55
4 John Meade    St. Finbarr's AC     MO    1:13:35    1:13:35
5 Cathal O'Connell    St Finbarr's AC     M45    1:14:38    1:14:38
1 Emma Murphy    St Finbarr's AC     F35    1:22:12    1:22:08
2 Angela McCann    Clonmel AC     F40    1:23:22    1:23:20
3 Ann Marie Holland    Eagle AC     F35    1:25:38    1:25:34
4 Mary Sweeney    St Finbarrs AC     F50    1:28:25    1:28:25
5 Geraldine O'Shea    St Finbarr's AC     F40    1:28:34    1:28:27

Updated Sun 9th Sept @21:20
The full results can now be seen HERE

1) Joe Murphy has a slideshow of photos HERE
2) Doug Minihane as per usual has loads of pics!
Set 1; (Blarney Road sign); Start and Race Leaders to 2 Hr Pacers at 5/6 Miles approx....HERE
Set 2; (Garda Bike); 500 Yds From Finish - Race Leaders to 1:45 Pacers...HERE
Set 3; (Race Sign); 500 Yds From Finish - 1:45 Pacers Onward....HERE

Race Sponsor.......For those of you that did the race, you fill find a 20% off discount voucher for  John Buckley Sports in the goodie bag you got at the finish line. This is one of the main sports shops in Cork for running shoes and other running related gear.

You can find John Buckley Sports across the river from the Cork Opera House and his opening hours are Mon-Fri 9.30am – 5.30pm – late opening Friday until 7.00 – closed Sundays.

They also have a website at


pat said...

Fantastic day out, helped by the weather that held up perfectly. Excellent organisation, think the new course is a success, great support along the way. food and facilties that followed superb. Well done to St. Finbars. Pat

cathalhistory said...

this was a excellent race- a proper tough half marathon and a great tester for a dublin. well organised and as smooth as clockwork. one gripe - the restrictions on having one bottle of water after wards was a bit harsh. if this was meant to be easier than last year then that must have been savage altogether!!!

Anonymous said...

John Will those NOT wearing their club singlets/colours be eligable for prizes in the County and Munster Championships ? Not according to AAI rules I believe.Lets wait for the results.

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable but tough race. New layout better. Very well run as usual. The food afterwards was lovely , a credit to all involved and to St..Finbarrs for another very sucsessful race. Derek

Ian said...

Hi John, I really thought this was a great day...Third time doing it and really loved the new route...I totally agree with your own comments regarding being able to see the leaders pass you on the way back...What a feeling it must be to have a Garda Bike in front of you and a Garda Car following you...( I can just dream )...the small bottles on the course are fab...No gripes here...

I find it strange that someone wouldn't have enough in one bottle of water at the finish...Surely 500ml is plenty along with what's provided on the course...I certainly didn't appreciate the man being so rude to the Lady who was in charge of the water at the finish line...She politely told him "one per person" and he said "Well I need bloody two"...He may as well said "F..Off" to her...I needed two also but had the intelligence and foresight to bring two bottles in my vehicle with me...I also had the respect and manners to abide by the rules...There are plenty of Mid-distance races in Munster that charge twice the fee of today's great race if someone needs two bottles at the finish...I'll be back next year and hopefully for many more years to come...Well done St.Finbarrs

Anyone know how the Lady is who needed Doctor Bolands Assistance afterwards???...She looked seriously De-hydrated.

Rgds Ian

Anonymous said...

Great course and fantastic organisation, thanks to everyone at the Barrs!

John Desmond said...

With regards to water bottles at the finish line....

One of the big problems that the organisers would have had is that they had no idea beforehand of how many people will actually run on the day. How many of the pre-reg runners will turn up? How many will enter on the day? and then, how much water do you put out on the course? and at the finish?

It may seem to some that it is a bit harsh that they only get one bottle at the end but the priority must always be that there is something left for the slowest runners.

Anonymous said...

Hi didnt show up on result sheet, who do i contact.Run was well organised, plenty of water nd support.

Ted said...

Well done to all involved, new route was much better don't think I would have been able for the hill into Grenagh this year.
Agree it good to see the leaders running, some seriously good runners there.

Anonymous said...

just to make it clear I didn't tell anyone I need "bloody two" in case it might be infered. I asked and I was told one per person. I moved on..most people moved on point in overplaying it..excellent race.

as for that lady who was dehydrated I hope she was ok.


Anonymous said...

Re comment No 3 will that man get a life and yes it is a man, If an atlete in a non club vest defeats you in your age catagory be gracious in defeat and reverse the result next day out also re the water 500mls was more than suffient, take a look at the finish area yesterday and see dozens of half full bottles discarded

JH said...

Great race. It was my first time doing this, and like previous comments, I thought the 'out and back' worked well and seeing the oncoming runners definitely broke up any monotony. Even though I ran the full Cork City Marathon and so have done over 13.1 many times, this was just my second official half marathon, the first being Charleville last year. With a new PB yesterday, shaving 5.5 mins off my time, I was very happy. Thanks to the 1.45 pacemakers also. Even though I didn’t see them till about 6 mile mark, they brought me home from there!

Anonymous said...

Decent local half marathon - just shows you don't have to charge 40 or 50 eur to put on a successful one of these.
Liked the new course as well, think its a decent change. I think on the scale of how tough the new v the old course are is much of muchness. They're equally as tough I think granted you don't have that hill going into Grenagh but you're plodding away uphill all the time going out the back road before the turn around point, which you didn't have to do on the old course.
Fair play to all involved a very well organised race. I'll be doing it again!

Anonymous said...

good race but just a comment on the pacers. they were invisible. could not see any balloons. even in the photograph galleries, it is very hard to pick them out.

DGM said...

Nice to read that other people have found yesterday's race tough, thought it was only me at the time. Nice new hat too for the winter.

Anonymous said...

Re. invisible pacers see
Great race, well done St. Finbarrs fantastic organisation and still reasonably priced,the running hat would nearly cost you the entry fee,& with the 20% voucher as well.
I'm glad Grenagh hill is gone but it still is a tough challenge.
My gripe: only 1 cake....agghh, the best thing about Blarney is the creamy cakes, why did 501 have to turn up!!

Fin said...

Have to agree it was very difficult to see pacers first time was in the photos pity it was a day after the race Water was not a problem great day out in all.Fin.

Anonymous said...

Loved the course. The stewards were excellent and there was great support. It was as well organised as much more expensive events and the setting was beautiful. Thanks to St Finbarrs and John Buckley for making it possible. For what it's worth, I would have been happy to go home with my voucher- chocolate, hat and feast at HQ were a serious bonus. Can't wait for next year!

Anonymous said...

Great to see that sexism is still alive and well within the realm of sport in Cork. Nice photo of the mens winner from the half marathon yesterday but it would have been fantastic to see a photo of the women's winner, Emma. Surely that is only fair? Or do people not really care about women's achievements. Similarly, after the race there was an interview with mens winner Michael Herlihy but not a single word mentioned about Emma Murphy. Sort yourselves out, if they want to make themselves look stupid they are doing a great job. Only ignorant people still think its cool to deny women things.

John Desmond said...

Photo/Interview??? Not sure if you are talking about something in a newspaper? website? radio station?

With regard to missing entries, if you can send me your details... name, category, club, race number, approx finish time.....and I'll pass it on to the organisers.

Anonymous said...

Just regarding one of my club mates who had some issues with hydration, her name is Helen and runs with Midleton ac. From what I heard this evening at training she's fine. As they say shaken but not stirred. It seems the heat greatly affected her on the day but all seems to be well.

Anonymous said...

Lads with reference to the PACERS i also ran the race on Sunday . Each of the pacing Groups had a one person wearing a mad bright orange t-shirt with the word Pacer written across it back and front and they made themselves known to the people around them. and with they cakes people need to think that they are not the only one that need to be catered for only fair is fair they had nearly 540 to cater for and from what i saw once everyone was looked after there was extra for people if they wanted more. Well done the Barrs one more time faultless. Take a bow others can learn from ye.See ye next year ps

Anonymous said...

Was wondering if you can answer my question.How is it that alot of road races get you to run on left side of road? Most people who train on roads face on coming traffic which means right side.The camber of road is severe in places on sundays route and it has huge impact on how you road.Otherwise run was fab.Great day.

Anonymous said...

Re the pacers I ran with the 1 45 group pacers Orla Crosbie and i think Gillian Cotter and a lesson in pace management, Orla called the times 50m before we reached each mile marker, she knew where each marker was exactly, she controlled the pace almost to the exact second ,she encouraged everyone all through the race and yes they were totally visible at the start with balloons and vest identification, well done and thanks girls and well done Barrs

Anonymous said...

re the pacers. the problem was not the pace they ran at, it was that they were not visible in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Ya I didnt think the pacers were too visible at the start at all. I didn't see them until I caught up with a group after around 5 miles. Their timing was impeccable though in fairness. maybe just need a bigger balloon for next year

Raivis said...

AAi rules about club singlets is not clear about road races - 2 years ago Martin Fagan win Naional road 10km Championships and he did NOT wear club singlet and still was winner so for person who are so worried about wearing or not club singlet - You shoud more worried about your self running and enjoy race and look less to another - its not what you wear but what you feel in your heart!!! so get over your self - just chill man!!!