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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Athletic Clubs in Cork by size...Aug 2012

Back in June 2011, I has a post about which athletic clubs in Cork had the highest number of adult opposed to those with children. Those figure were for May 2011 and I have now updated the chart based on the membership figures as of August 2012 from Athletics Ireland.

Just a note of caution...some clubs have a large number of Fit4Life members, some are more into track and field, some are more focused on other specific areas. The figures don't say or suggest which club is best, just which club happens to have the most adult members....although it is probably fair to say that if a club has a lot of members then it must be doing something right. Only clubs with more than 20 adult members are listed.

1st...Midleton AC take pride of place yet again having shown strong growth in the last 15 months. With 230 adult members, they have really hoovered up the numbers from their catchment area.
2nd...St.Finbarrs AC based in Cork City have held their own with a slight increase to 183 members.
3rd...Bantry AC have a very strong Fit4Life programme and have kept their third spot despite losing a few members and are now at the 155 mark.
4th...Bandon AC is another club with a lot of Fit4Life members and has kept their fourth spot with 138 members.
5th...Eagle AC based in Cork City had a large increase in numbers jumping from 76 to 135 members in the last 15 months and move up from 6th to 5th spot.
6th...Clonakilty Runners AC is a new club and has come from nowhere to an impressive 116 members in a very short period of time.
7th...Leevale AC drop from 5th to 7th although they did record an increase in membership in this period.
8th...Mallow AC is another club that recorded strong growth going from 58 to 95 members.
9th...Youghal AC likewise had a surge in numbers going from 36 to 84 members and moving from 12th to 9th place.

As for the remaining twelve on the list, most have maintained a steady number of members. However, three experienced strong growth. Grange-Fermoy AC went from 27 to 39 members, Carraig na Bhfear AC went from 21 to 36 members and the Navy AC as a new club jumped from just 4 to 38 members.


Anonymous said...

Go on the Barr's!

rom said...


cathalhistory said...

I joined Mallow over the summer. I was always reluctant to join a club due to work issues and also my previous experience wasn't ideal. I was never the fastest runner but running with a club provides great support, friendship, advice and structured training. My times have improved too. 20 quid well spent

Anonymous said...

20 quid !! - we;re getting ripped off here in the city!

Anonymous said...

€35 in Midleton plus €2 a training session.

Anonymous said...

35 plus 2 a training session. what's that money going on? insurance?

in fact what does the entry fee to join clubs goes on?

Anonymous said...

Advice to all runners: JOIN A CLUB.

The friendship & support is worth it alone.

Anonymous said...

Could any of you recommend a club that welcomes beginners. Just starting out running and would love to be part of a club. Did approach one or two before but was pretty much turned away at the door because I was a beginner. Thanks!