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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ron Hill was 74 last Tuesday...

After putting up the post on Steve Gathje and his 40 year running streak up to the 25th of September, someone sent me an e-mail to remind me that that the 25th was also Ron Hill's 74th birthday.

Ron is believed to have the current world record in terms of unbroken days run. He started his running streak back on December 20th, 1964 and has run every day since.

Every year around the time of Ron's birthday, a 5km race is held in his honour in a town called Littleborough near Rochdale, Lancashire. This year's event took place last Thursday night, 190 took part with the man himself finishing 153rd in 26:03!

The race is organised by Andy O'Sullivan, a retired policeman originally from Waterford. He received an MBE a few years in recognition for the many charity races he has organised over the years.

The entry form for next year's race to celebrate Ron's 75th birthday can be seen HERE

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