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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

BBC interview Ultra-Marathon runner Dean Karnazes

When you look around the Internet or on Amazon in particular, you'll come across books about running. In the overall scheme of things, there probably isn't that many really especially if you compare it to more popular sports.

One of those books is Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. Possibly a name that isn't known so well on this side of the water but considering that he has just run across the United States, he is better known over there. Indeed, every time I visit the MapMyRun website, there is a big banner advert across the top about that trip.

This time he is in London and Evan Davis of the BBC conducted a short interview with him.

You can see it HERE


Anonymous said...

interesting guy. it's a crazy sport tho- can't see the attraction myself but a intersting guy

Anonymous said...

We should make up a list of Running books especially for all the new people who are taking up the sport !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bought this book as a Christmas pressie for myself, great read!

Anonymous said...

Excellent read. Happened upon it a few months ago as well. Really interesting to read how they cope.