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Friday, July 29, 2011

Upcoming Race Notice...Cloyne 5k - Wed 10th Aug 2011

Another notice for a race coming up in east Cork. The Cloyne 5k takes place on Wednesday, the 10th of August at 8pm. Last year, this race was held in early September on a wet evening and attracted 280 runners. It is likely to attract another big turnout this year again.

As courses go, it is pretty flat and fast. There are no real hills as such, just a few short sections where the road rises by a few metres at most. Outside of the Marina course, it doesn't get much flatter. If you want to try for a fast 5k time, this is the one to do.

If you are coming from the Cork city, then Cloyne is just a 22-25 minute drive from the Jack Lynch tunnel.

Race flyer below...


Anonymous said...

Can anyone describe the route for the Cloyne 5K please?

John Desmond said...

Hi Siobhán

There will be a full preview of the race on the blog the day before the race with route map, description and photos.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks John. I'm new to the scene, hence the curiousness... nerves inspired curiosity ;-) Hoping to be there on the 10th! :-)