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Friday, December 31, 2010

Preview of the Bandon 5 mile road race - Sun 2nd Jan (1pm)

It looks as if we will have returned to some colder weather by the time this races comes around but it shouldn't have any impact on it. If there is any frost, it should have cleared by 1pm although the temperature will only get up to around 4 deg C at best at midday.

(Click on the flyer above for a closer look)

The race...This year, the sign on for this race is back in the Bandon GAA grounds. Assuming that you are coming from Cork, take the left when you get to the 1st roundabout on the main road as you enter the town. Follow this relief road up the'll probably see signposts for Clonakilty...follow these. At the end of the relief road as you drop down again, you come to a T-junction. Turn right here and the GAA grounds are just on your left before you get to the next junction. It's very easy to find. If you look at the course map then the GAA grounds are near the 2 mile mark.

The course...The start is about half a mile away near the top of the relief road. Just follow the other runners to the start. The start and 1st mile is mostly downhill or flat. Then you run through the town until you turn left and go past the GAA club. Here the hard work starts. There is a good climb after the 2 mile mark until you turn off left. Nothing too serious but enough to make you go into oxygen debt if you push too hard. Once you turn off, you are on some nice quiet country roads until the finish. So, overall, it is probably not the fastest of courses but it's not too bad. Just remember to keep something in the tank for the 2nd half after the long hill at 2 miles.

If you want to have a closer look at the course, I have put it up on the MapMyRun website. The link is HERE.

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