Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Cork BHAA 'Turkey Trot' 4 mile race - Sun 12th Dec 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Results of the Cork BHAA 'Turkey Trot' 4 mile race - Sun 12th Dec 2010

This charity 4 mile road race attracted 235 entrants on what was I think a new route! Starting by Pairc Ui Chaoimh.....down the old railway line and right at the end....along the Link road....back behind Bessboro....through the Industrial Estate and back onto the old line and on to the finish.

While the fastest finisher was Mark Hanrahan, the winners were those who got closest to their predicted time.

Winners Predicted Actual

David Healy 30:51 30:51
Orla Crosbie 28:00 27:59
Laura Crowe 24:00 23:59
John Quigley 33:47 33:48
Tadhg Lynch 26:42 26:43
Kieran Noonan 32:00 32:01

The full results can be found HERE


brian carr said...

at last there here and it was a pb 25:08 absolutely thrilled with that after 8 months running but i know i can get faster(hopefully)

Anonymous said...

No PB for me and my friend Brian.

John Desmond said...

Anon...what you might find is that this is a good time of year for getting some long slow runs to build up a base. Once the summer starts and you start doing the evening road races, your times 'should' improve then.

John Quigley said...

John D....Long slow runs!! we have any choice????
Where are we going to find anywhere for fast runs in these conditions???
....LOL.....still LOL

Unknown said...

I dont mean to be a dampner to this but are they accurate?? I would hope I finished in the time that I did but there was no way I finished i that place..Two buddies finished ahead of me on the day and their times and positions were slower than mine on the results..Really enjoyable run though! Lovely route!