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Monday, December 06, 2010

Half-Marathon announced as part of the 2011 Cork City Marathon

Back in October, I mentioned that there were some changes happening to the Cork City Marathon that would be of interest to people.

Now it's official!! For 2011, the organisers are going to introduce a Half-Marathon race as part of the Cork City Marathon. Up to now as most of you will know, it has been the full Marathon and the relay event. This 3rd event is going to be of interest to a lot of people and is sure to swell the numbers even further.

From what I understand, the Half-Marathon will have it's own start and will join the Marathon route at some stage and everyone.....Full Marathon, Half-Marathon and Relay Runners will finish on Patricks Street.

The Cork City Marathon is without doubt the main running event in Cork and a lot of people want to be part of it. For some, the full Marathon might be a bit too much and they're not really that keen on the relay. The Half Marathon is an ideal distance for them.

How many will it attract??? If the full can attract in the region of 1,300 entries, how many will the Half attract???

The closing date for the cheapest entries is the end of March so no need to panic yet :o)


Gina said...

Hi John. Thanks, as ever, for keeping everyone in touch with latest on running matters. CCM website update failed tonight (my fault) and couldn't face trek back to office to rectify. Will have further info online asap. Thanks to John Quigley for all his work on half marathon (and for keeping finger off trigger re.!!). Will update you in next week or so with details. Gina (BGE Cork City Marathon)

John Quigley said...

Thanks Gina!

John, wrt your note regarding the cheap entry dates, please note that there is a concession for those on unemployment benefit. From the entry form: "Fee concessions are available to those who are unwaged and in receipt of benefit. Proof of status must be included with your entry form."

Ger said...

Great news on the half marathon event.A great encouragement for those aspiring to run the full marathon at some stage.

Anonymous said...

Great idea to run the half marathon. I always thought it wasn't a good time for full marathon in June. Now we can get to run a big event and finish with big crowds on Pana (Patrick St. for those non Cork people). Well done for expanding the event to cover this.
Coming after the Munster 10 mile series it will be a nice next target.

Anonymous said...

I too am delighted to hear of the half marathon news. I was never prepared for a marathon and it was really difficult to organise a relay team every year. People kept changing their minds and nearly every year some one or two on my team didn't reimburse me for their share of the entry fee. Great news! ......... and thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the Half. Is it known yet where it will start? From reading the post, it looks like it will end on Pana too. Brill! Was going to do a relay with a friend but the half looks like a better option. Didn't fancy doing +16m so the half will do just fine!