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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Results & Photos of the 2010 Dublin City Marathon

Conditions for the 2010 Dublin City Marathon were perfect with cool temperatures, blue skies and constant sunshine. There was a record entry for this year's event and there were plenty of faces from Cork in the race and out along the course. As an occasion, the Dublin City Marathon is truely the National Marathon with runners from all corners of Ireland taking part. It has a unique atmosphere that isn't found in any other Irish Marathon.

This year, I ran the Marathon from the unique perspective as one of the 3:45 pacers. One suprising aspect was the sheer number of runners on the road. I thought perhaps in the later stages, the road out ahead might clear a bit but it never did. The road was constantly full and at times, it got pretty congested when the route got narrow.

Results.....if you haven't seen them, you can check your times on the Dublin City Marathon website.

Photos......(Updated Tues 9:30pm)

1) Fergus McNally has a gallery of 895 photos at

2) Brian Mc? has a small gallery of 37 photos near Kilmainham at

3) David Bradshaw has a large gallery at the 18.5 mile mark....
Runners faster than the 3 hour pacer at
Between the 3 and 3:15 pacers at
Between the 3:15 and 3:30 pacers at
Between 3:30 and 3:45 pacers at
Between 3:45 and 4 hour pacers at
Those slower than the 4 hour pacer at

4) There is a searchable gallery of photos at the RacePix website at

5) A gallery of 272 photos at

6) A gallery of 153 photos from Andy Benitez at

7) Peter Mooney has 171 photos at

8) A small gallery of 30 photos at

9) Some photos can be found at

10) A large gallery of 495 photos at

11) Graham ?? has a large gallery of  688 photos at

12) Paudie Birmingham has a large gallery at

13) Eddie Lennon has a small gallery of photos at


1) Here is a 14 minute clip showing a lot of the runners that went sub 3 hours. Taken around the 20 mile mark.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for doing a great job on the 3.45 pacing! I finally caught up with ye at around mile 24 and found ye really encouraging, so much so I managed a 3.42, delighted as it was my first!