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Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Marathon in Waterford???

There seems to be plans for a brand new Marathon in Waterford City in November 2011. The route has not been finalized but may take in the new bridge.

It raises a lot of questions.....Will it be a stand alone event? Will it incorporate the Waterford Half-Marahton? Will that stay a seperate event? Will there be a relay?

Coming a few weeks after Dublin, I'd guess that it may attract a few hunded entrants. When you spread that kind of field out over 26.2 miles then huge gaps appear. Having another type of event running in conjunction with it would make a lot a lot of sense, especially when you consider the amount of effort that will go into organising a race over such a long distance.

Whatever format they decide on, this new Marathon in the Deise is sure to attract a lot of attention next year.

Now....where do I sign up?

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SMcD said...

This new marathon rumour seems to be sprouting legs - from what I have heard it is in the serious stages of being organised. It is supposed to be in late June, which may affect entrantants to the Cork Marathon in early June. I have also heard that it is the City Council that are behind it, though I would hope that they have some outside expertise involved somewhere along the line.
Again from what I have heard through the rumour mill it will be just the Marathon distance. The Waterford Half Matathon will be a seperate race later in the year (normally in December but again I have heard that this maybe moved). As for the route this is anyones guess though there are some suggestions that the run out to Tramore could be included.
Hopefully this will all be sorted soon.
And yes - where do I sign up??