Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Cork BHAA 'Army/Navy' 5 Mile road race - Wed 18th Aug 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Results of the Cork BHAA 'Army/Navy' 5 Mile road race - Wed 18th Aug 2010

The results for this race can now be seen HERE.

In the meantime, we have some video clips and photos of  the race.

The first clip shows the race after roughly half a mile.

The 2nd clip shows the race roughly 400-500 metres before the finish. It starts with Sean McGrath running past like Usain Bolt. Notice the size of the gaps for the front runners! I guess it's like this for most races except you don't really notice it because you are in the race.

There is large gallery of 181 photos HERE


Anonymous said...

hi john,
two points.
1.i'd like to thank the bhaa for the organisation of the army/navy race on wednesday night.From registration,starting time,stewarding and food afterwards,everything was first of the best races of the year in my opinion on a tough but fair course.
2.Before the race they were accepting pre-reg for the cork to cobh race.On paying i was told that the price had been reduced to €10 from € these days of high priced races this is a great gesture from the BHAA.As you know Cork to Cobh is one of the best long distance races in the country and to be reducing the price is great going.Fair play to everyone involved and i think this race deserves our support.
Terry Higgins
Eagle AC

Anonymous said...

great race guys , and yes we are lucky to have the BHAA.
We want to keep people involved and this is a great gesture from the business house.
10 Euro for 15 miles.
in my opinion this should be the benchmark ........

Anonymous said...

Race was very well organised pity about the delay in results.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing about the delay with the results. The BHAA will have to try & adopt another system to deal with the big attendance at races.
Very good race in all other respects.

Anonymous said...

What is the wait with the results for the Army/Navy race do they not know there are a couple of hundred people some having done there first race eagerly awaiting results.Good race but let down by the delay.

Anonymous said...

Patience, patience, patience...

What's all the hoo-ha over the results....??? It's only in the last 10 years or so, since computers became more everyplace and more widespread use of the internet, that results became so readily available.

Before that, you were lucky to get a copy of the results at all! ...and often they were hand written (sometimes poorly!).

Take a step back lads, and stop whinging.