Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Preview of the Cork BHAA 'Novartis' 5 km road race - Wed 4th Aug 2010

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'Novartis' 5 km road race - Wed 4th Aug 2010

This 5 km road race takes place at 8pm on Wednesday evening, the 4th of August at 8pm. Registration is in the Novartis plant near Ringakiddy and the start and finish points are just outside the entrance. 

Directions...If you are not sure of where to go, then just follow the signs for the car ferry from Cork city. As you enter Ringaskiddy, take the first right and go up the hill. The Novartis plant is about 1 km up this road on the right.

Registration....There will be 2 entry desks as for registered runners (€5) and one for non-registered (€8). As always, it will help to get there as early as possible as there should be a big turnout.

Course details...This is a hilly 5 km race yet it seems to produce some fast times. The start and finish are more or less in the same spot just outside the Novartis plant. The first mile is probably the fastest with an overall fall of ground to the 1 mile mark. The 2nd mile is a long drag all the ways up that hill by Pfizers and Shanbally. The 3rd mile has a bit of starts with a pull up out of Shanbally, then a downhill section and then finishes halfway up a steep hill. Beyond the 3 mile mark, the final 150 metres or so is a tough pull and the finish line is just beyond the end of the climb.

For a closer look at the course, check out this link...


Anonymous said...

I'm new to running this year but I've taken part in a fistful of races now, and I can say that even by BHAA lofty standards, this was an excellent race. Drinks beforehand, excellent stewarding and a free t-shirt from Novartis!!!! Well done to all involved. I was very impressed and I'll definitely be running this one again (I'm not even a fan of the shorter runs)!


Anonymous said...

yes , a great race. I don`t think any improvements could be made for this one .....
Its the 1st on in my diary every year.

john griffin said...

well done yet again too all the bhaa committee who laid on agreat race even though i find the ringaskiddy running circuits are fairly cannot beat the bhaa for the best cheapest prices anywhere around in the countryfor great racing good competition and excellent food..i will continue too support the cork bhaa in anyway that i can..well done everybody..john griffin grange fermoy ac..